Mitaka Project Priorities

List of priorities the Watcher drivers team is prioritizing in Mitaka.

Priority Owner
DevStack integration Taylor Peoples
Ceilometer integration Jean-Emile Dartois
Dynamic strategy load Jean-Emile Dartois
Tasflow integration Jean-Emile Dartois
Tempest integration Vincent Francoise
Scoring module Tomasz Kaczynski
Cluster objects wrapper Taylor Peoples
Threshold optimization Edwin Zhai
Watcher dashboard David Tardivel

DevStack integration

Watcher needs to be DevStack friendly such that it is easily approachable for folks looking to use and/or contribute to Watcher.

Ceilometer integration

Watcher must rely on Ceilometer to get metrics from the underlying infrastructure.

Dynamic strategy load

Watcher Decision Engine must be able to load different optimization Strategy .

Tasflow integration

Watcher Applier must use taskflow as it will help us a lot to make Action Plan execution easy, consistent, scalable and reliable.

Tempest integration

Watcher must provide a set of integration tests that will be used by Tempest and run as a voting job in the gate.

Scoring module

Watcher scoring module is a generic machine learning service. It will provide for example predictions or classifications that can be used by the selected Strategy.

Cluster objects wrapper

Watcher Decision Engine must provide a way to get cluster objects that can be used directly within a Strategy . These objects will be refreshed periodically.

Threshold optimization

Watcher must allow the admin to pass Strategy parameters, like an optimization threshold, to a selected Strategy .

Watcher dashboard

Watcher must provide a human interface to interact through the OpenStack Horizon dashboard.