Newton Project Priorities

List of priorities the Watcher drivers team is prioritizing in Newton.

Priority Owner
Cluster Object Wrapper Vincent Francoise
Persistent Audit Param Prashanth Hari
Watcher Policies Charlotte Han
Nova Policies Jean-Emile Dartois
Define Audit Scope Alexander Chadin
Scoring module Tomasz Kaczynski
Auto Triggering Audit Digambar
Dynamic Action Desc Charlotte Han
Planner Storage Action Jinquan Ni
Notifications Vincent Francoise
Uniform Airflow Strategy Junjie Huang
Overload Strategy Alexander Chadin
Plugins parameters Vincent Francoise
Get Goal from Strategy Vincent Francoise
Efficacy Indicator Vincent Francoise
Default Planner Generic Jinquan Ni
Continuous Optimization Alexander Chadin

Cluster Object Wrapper

Watcher Decision Engine must provide a way to get cluster objects that can be used directly within a Strategy . These objects will be refreshed periodically.

Persistent Audit Param

Watcher must ensure that the Audit parameters are persistent in Db.

Watcher Policies

Admin can use policies to allow or not users to invoke Watcher API methods.

Nova Policies

Watcher Strategy must conform with the Nova polices.

Define Audit Scope

Watcher python clients must validate resources instead of Heat.

Scoring module

Watcher scoring module is a generic machine learning service. It will provide for example predictions or classifications that can be used by the selected Strategy.

Auto Triggering Audit

Watcher will carry out ‘Action Plans’_ automatically during Continous Optimization.

Dynamic Action Desc

‘Watcher Decision Engine’_ must support Strategy with new customized actions.

Planner Storage Action

Watcher must store ‘Action Plans’_ as a directed graph or Directed Acyclic Graph in its database. The ‘Watcher Applier’_ can then run each independent Action in the graph in parallel when its dependencies have been satisfied.


Watcher must be compliant with the new notification logic (versionned payload and one topic).

Action Plan Conso

Watcher must support a consolidation mechanism which combine all ‘Action Plans’_ generated from an Audit into a single flow of Actions to be executed.

Uniform Airflow Strategy

This Strategy trigger migration of VMs based on the airflow of servers. This strategy makes decisions to migrate VMs to make the airflow uniform.

Overload Strategy

This ‘Strategy’_ chooses the pair VM:dest_host that minimizes the standard deviation in a cluster best.

Plugins parameters

Watcher must give the possibility to the developer to add some parameters depending on the configuration of OpenStack cluster on the plugins

Get Goal from Strategy

Achieved goal should be returned by each Strategy

Efficacy Indicator

Provide efficacy indicators

Default Planner Generic

An admin needs to be able to add a new Action without having to amend the source code of the default planner.

Continuous Optimization

Watcher Audit must support an active mode