Spec - Add support for filtering results

Spec - Add support for filtering results


Sahara service: https://blueprints.launchpad.net/sahara/+spec/enable-result-filtering

Client library: https://blueprints.launchpad.net/python-saharaclient/+spec/enable-result-filtering

Horizon UI: https://blueprints.launchpad.net/horizon/+spec/data-processing-table-filtering

As result sets can be very large when dealing with nontrivial openstack environments, it is desirable to be able to filter those result sets by some set of field constraints. This spec lays out how Sahara should support such queries. Changes will be required in the API, client library, and in the Horizon UI.

Problem description

The original use case for this change came up when we wanted to provide a way to filter some of the tables in the UI. In order to make that filtering possible, either the UI has to perform the filtering (inefficient since large result sets would still be returned by the api) or the api/client library need to provide support for such filtering. Upon review of other api/client libraries, it looks like most, if not all, provide filtering capabilities. Sahara should also make filtering possible.

Proposed change

In order to make filtering possible, each of the “list()” methods in the client library should be extended to take an optional (default=None) parameter, “search_opts”. “search_opts” should be a dict that will include one or more {field:query} entries. Pagination can also be handled through search_opts by allowing for the setting of page/page_size/max results.

In addition, the REST api needs to be extended for the list() operations to support query syntax. This will require changes to how Sahara currently does its database queries to include query options. Currently, they are set to just return all entries for each call.


Filtering could be done entirely in the UI, but that is a wasteful way to do it since each library/api call will still return the full result set. Also, any users of the REST api or the client library would not benefit from this functionality.

It would also be possible to just implement filtering at the client library level, but for the same reasons that doing it in the UI is undesirable, this approach is also suboptimal.

Data model impact

No changes to the model itself should be required. Only changes to how we query the database are needed.

REST API impact

The rest api methods for the list operations will need to be changed to support query-style parameters. The underlaying database access methods will need to be changed from the basic “get all” functionality to support a **kwargs parameter (this is already done in cluster_get_all(), but needs to be done for the other methods).

There are a pair of special cases to be considered for filtering on the Job Executions table. The “job” and “cluster” columns actually contain information that are not part of the job execution object. For filters on those fields, a field value of “job.name” or “cluster.name” should be passed down. That will trigger the database query to be joined to a filter on the name property of either the job or cluster table.

Additionally, there is special handling required to search on the Job Executions status field. This is because status is not a proper field in the Job Execution itself, but rather it is part of the “info” field. To handle this, a bit of manual filtering will be done against the info.status field.

Other end user impact

Users of the REST API, client library and Horizon UI will be able to filter their result sets via simple queries.

Deployer impact

These changes should not affect deployment of the Sahara service.

Developer impact

No developer impact.

Sahara-image-elements impact

No sahara-image-elements impact.

Sahara-dashboard / Horizon impact

Once the REST API and client library changes are in place, the Horizon UI will be modified to allow for filtering on the following tables: Clusters, Cluster Templates, Node Group Templates, Job Executions, Jobs. It would also be possible to filter any of our tables in the future without any other API/client library changes.



Primary assignee:
croberts (Horizon UI)
Other contributors:
tmckay (REST API/sahara.db.api) croberts (Client Library)

Work Items

These may be able to be worked on in parallel, but they must be released in the order they are given below.

  1. REST API implementation
  2. Client library implementation
  3. Horizon UI implementation




There should be tests added against the REST interface, client library and Horizon UI to test the filtering capabilities being added.

Documentation Impact

Docs for the REST API will need to be updated to reflect the querying functionality.

Docs for the client library will need to be updated to reflect the querying functionality.

The dashboard user guide should be updated to note the table filtering functionality that will be added.

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