Support Cinder availability zones

Support Cinder availability zones

Extend API to support specifying Cinder availability zones where to create volumes.

Problem description

It can be desirable to assign Cinder availability zones to node groups, in order to have fine-grained cluster volumes topologies.

Use case:

  • As a end user I want namenode volumes to be spawned in the regular AZ and datanode volumes in a high-performance ssd-high-io AZ.

Proposed change

It adds a new volumes_availability_zone property in NodeGroup and NodeGroupTemplate objects. When set, it modifies the direct and Heat engines to force creating of volumes into the right AZ.



Data model impact

This change will add volumes_availability_zone columns in sahara database, next to volumes_per_node and volumes_size. Impacted tables are node_groups, node_group_templates and templates_relations.

A database migration will accompany this change.

REST API impact

Each API method which deals with node groups and node groups templates will have an additional (and optional) volumes_availability_zone parameter, which will be taken into account if volumes_per_node is set and non-zero.


  "name": "cluster1",
  "node_groups": [
      "name": "master",
      "count": 1,
      "name": "worker",
      "count": 3,
      "volumes_per_node": 1,
      "volumes_size": 100,
      "volumes_availability_zone": "ssd-high-io"

Other end user impact

python-saharaclient should be modified to integrate this new feature.

Deployer impact

Needs to migrate DB version using:

sahara-db-manage --config-file /etc/sahara/sahara.conf upgrade head

Developer impact


Sahara-image-elements impact


Sahara-dashboard / Horizon impact

sahara-dashboard should be modified to integrate this new feature.



Primary assignee:

Work Items

  • Add a volumes_availability_zone property in NodeGroup and NodeGroupTemplate objects.
  • When a user specifies the (optional) volumes_availability zone, check its existence.
  • In the direct engine, include the volumes_availability_zone argument in the call to cinder.client().volumes.create().
  • In the Heat engine, add the availability_zone property in sahara/resources/volume.heat.




  • Test cluster creation with volumes_availability_zone specified.
  • Test cluster creation with wrong volumes_availability_zone specified.

Documentation Impact

Documentation will need to be updated, at sections related to node group template creation and cluster creation.



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