Graduating oslo.context

Graduating oslo.context

oslo.context holds the context base class, which defines APIs used by oslo.messaging and oslo.log.

Library Name

What is the name of the new library?: oslo.context


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  • tests/unit/

Early Adopters

  • oslo.log

  • oslo.messaging

Public API

import oslo_context

All of the existing public functions and classes will remain public.

def generate_request_id():
    "Return a unique request identifier."

class RequestContext(object):

    """Helper class to represent useful information about a request context.

    Stores information about the security context under which the user
    accesses the system, as well as additional request information.

def get_admin_context(show_deleted=False):
    "Return a RequestContext configured as an admin user"

def get_context_from_function_and_args(function, args, kwargs):
    """Find an arg of type RequestContext and return it.

       This is useful in a couple of decorators where we don't
       know much about the function we're wrapping.

def is_user_context(context):
    """Indicates if the request context is a normal user."""

A private registry of context objects will be kept using a threading.local() instance and logic based on nova.context.RequestContext. A new public API for accessing the context will be added:

def get_current():
    "Return this thread's current context"



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Target Milestone for completion: kilo-1

Work Items

Adoption Notes

Projects using oslo.context should subclass oslo_context.RequestContext and create their own application-specific context class.



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