Bootstrap via CLI

Bootstrap via CLI

bp bootstrap

Remove the ADMIN_TOKEN means of initializing a cluster with a CLI that has to be executed on the same machine as the Keystone installation.

Problem Description

ADMIN_TOKEN is a poor approach for initialzing a deployment. It provides a huge security risk for any site that fails to disable it after initial deployment. Since it is removed after the site is live, there is no means to reenable it without A) restarting the service and B) providing a huge surface for attack. However, for a broken system, sometimes it is the only tool that can effective fix things.

ADMIN_TOKEN is specified in the config file, which means that anyone one with read access to the file has unlimited ability to affect change in a keystone system. This is one of the values that forces the config file to be reable only by root and the keystone service. This limits non-root users ability to read the config to determine the state of the system and help troubleshoot.

Proposed Change

Replace ADMIN_TOKEN with a set of CLI operations that affect the necessarchanges to initialize a keystone server:

keystone-manage bootstrap

Parameter Default Meaning
bootstrap-username admin
The username of the initial keystone user
during bootstrap process.
bootstrap-password None The bootstrap user password
bootstrap-generate-password None If set, will generate password automatically and return it in the output
bootstrap-project-name admin The initial project created during the keystone bootstrap process.
bootstrap-role-name admin The initial role-name created during the keystone bootstrap process.


Direct database access, which would bypass all of the logic in the system.

Precanned Database scripts, which would always put the system into a known state; high risk of error and duplication, no way to fix a wedged system.

Security Impact

Should reduce the attack surface of the Keystone server. Anyone that can read the config file can adffect these changes now. With this change, the user access would be limited to the same Unix users that run the Keystone process, and would be managed via sudo.

Notifications Impact

THe same notifications generated when these changes are made via the API will be generated via this API.

Other End User Impact

This will change how CMSs interact with Keystone. The ADMIN_TOKEN approach will be deprecated.

Performance Impact


Other Deployer Impact

This will remove the ability to use ADMIN_TOKEN to troubleshoot, and replace it with a more controlled approach.

Developer Impact




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Work Items

  • Enabled bootsrap CLI
  • deprecate ADMIN_TOKEN
  • update devstack to use bootstrap
  • remove admin_token from pipeline

Many releases later * remove support for ADMIN_TOKEN



Documentation Impact

Will change how all downstream project initialize Keystone.


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