OpenStack is made of many projects, with a complex mash of technologies. Training-labs will provide an automated way of deploying a multi node OpenStack cluster on a lean basis. Labs scripts should provide an easy way to setup OpenStack cluster which should be a good starting point for beginners to learn OpenStack, and for advanced users to test out new features, check out different capabilities of OpenStack. On top of that training-labs will also be a good way to test the install guides on a regular basis and provide automation for those who would like to focus on installing just one section from install-guides.

Problem description

Deploying OpenStack could be really challenging for beginners. Training-labs would provide a simple automated way to have a multi-node vanilla OpenStack deployment on virtual machines. The following are the unique traits:

  • Easy to setup and run.
  • Minimal dependencies.
  • Minimal hardware requirements:
    • 4GB RAM
    • i3 processor (or similar quad core processor)
    • 50GB hard disk space.
  • Supports multiple platforms:
    • Linux
    • Mac
    • Windows
  • Closely follows and automates install-guides.
  • Optionally follow guides under Openrations and Administration Gudies. * Example: Load Balancer as a Service.

Proposed change

  • The work will be carried out by training-labs speciality team.
  • Creation of new repository.
  • Migrating labs folder under training-guides to the new repository:
    • Setup a new github repository for migration. using git-filter on the labs section of training guides.
    • Propose a new repository in OpenStack and import content from github repository.
    • Update training guides repository as required.





Primary assignee:

  • dguitarbite

Other contributors:

  • rluethi

Work Items

  • Migrate labs folder from training-guides to the new repository location:
    • Using git-filter get the labs specific content from training-guides repository.
    • Move it to a github repository.
  • Create training-labs repository, pull the content from the github repository.
  • Refactor the repository structure to include new architecture.
  • Other misc items like IRC notifications, gerrit related configuration.
  • Remove labs section from training guides.
  • Remove labs related jobs from training guides.


  • T.B.D.


  • Add bash and python syntax checks.
  • Create required infra jobs for training-labs.


  • Discussion can occur using any official medium including IRC in #openstack-doc, the openstack-docs mailing list with [install-guide] in the subject, weekly Installation Guide specialty team meeting, weekly documentation team meeting, and potentially etherpads.