Remove V1 API Code From Zaqar

Now there is no need for V1 APIs, its old and could be completely replaced by V2 APIs. So it’s time to remove it from the code tree. This action is first one of steps to optimize Zaqar’s codes and functions.

Problem description

Currently, Zaqar has tree versions of APIs, V1, V1_1 and V2. The V1 is the oldest apis that there is no need for them right now. All new features are implemented under V2 APIs. So its time to remove V1 APIs and optimize the Zaqar’s codes.

Proposed change

  1. Remove all V1 APIs codes and change the basic APIs to V1_1.

  2. Clean the unit tests and tempest tests about V1 APIs.

  3. Modify the API doc according the changes.

API Impact

The whole V1 APIs code will be removed from Zaqar’s service.


If someone are still using V1 APIs, they must change the API version to V1_1 or V2(best to V2) after Yoga release.





Primary assignee:

wanghao <>

Secondary assignee:



Target Milestone for completion:

Yoga M-1

Work Items

  1. Remove V1 api and transport code.

  2. Remove unit and functional tests for V1.

  3. Add release note for this feature.

  4. Update API reference according those changes.

  5. Change tempest tests accordingly.

  6. remove client support.