The title of your blueprint

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Introduction paragraph – why are we doing anything?

Problem description

A detailed description of the problem.

Proposed change

Here is where you cover the change you propose to make in detail. How do you propose to solve this problem?

If this is one part of a larger effort make it clear where this piece ends. In other words, what’s the scope of this effort?


Are there any drawbacks in this proposal? Does it change things in the API? Will it have an impact in critical areas? Will it make other areas more complex?

Please, answer any of the questions above or elaborate on the drawbacks of this proposal if there’re any.


This is an optional section, where it does apply we’d just like a demonstration that some thought has been put into why the proposed approach is the best one.



Who is leading the writing of the code? Or is this a blueprint where you’re throwing it out there to see who picks it up?

If more than one person is working on the implementation, please designate the primary author and contact.

Primary assignee:

<launchpad-id or None>

Can list additional ids if they intend on doing substantial implementation work on this blueprint.

Work Items

Work items or tasks – break the feature up into the things that need to be done to implement it. Those parts might end up being done by different people, but we’re mostly trying to understand the timeline for implementation.


  • Include specific references to specs and/or blueprints in zaqar, or in other projects, that this one either depends on or is related to.


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