Audit tag in VM Metadata

Problem description

Watcher optimizes workloads by live migrating VMs. This can be disruptive. There should be a feature for tenants to opt-in/opt-out some or all of their VMs from optimization. The solution we propose is to set a VM metadata “optimize” and watcher strategies should consider only those VMs that has “optimize” metadata enabled. This feature for strategies to check VM metadata should be optional and configurable.

Use Cases

As a tenant, I should opt-in/opt-out optimization of my VMs

As a strategy developer, I should be able to filter VMs that are approved for optimizing

Proposed change

The VMs will have an “optimize” metadata key. The compute cluster data model should also store the VM metadata information. We need to a have a configuration option “check_optimize_metadata” to enable this feature.

If “check_optimize_metadata” configuration option is enabled, strategy base class will include only those VMs that has optimize metadata. This will use the Audit Scope to exclude VMs by metadata.

Example -

"scope": [
     {"host_aggregates": [
       {"id": 1},
       {"id": 2},
       {"id": 3}
     {"availability_zones": [
       {"name": "AZ1"},
       {"name": "AZ2"}
     {"exclude": [
       {"instances": [
         {"uuid": "9766dff1-3c81-4de2-92ae-19e0d9adcec6"},
         {"uuid": "777541bb-ce4f-4bf3-8320-d5792d5cdf6e"}
       {"instance_metadata": [
         {"optimize": "False"}
       {"compute_nodes": [
         {"name": "compute1"}

By default “check_optimize_metadata” will be disabled and “optimize” metadata will not have any effect on the strategies - meaning the strategies will consider all VMs.


Data model impact

There will be changes to the cluster data model to include VM metadata.

REST API impact

Security impact

There is no security impact.

Notifications impact

Other end user impact

Performance Impact

Other deployer impact

Developer impact



Primary assignee:


Other contributors:

v-francoise pradeep-singh-u

Work Items

  • Platform owners or automations external to watcher will set the VM Metadata

# nova meta vm_name set optimize=True
def filter_instances_by_audit_tag(self, instances):
    if not self.config.check_optimize_metadata:
        return instances
    instances_to_migrate = []
    for instance in instances:
        optimize = True
        if instance.metadata:
                optimize = strutils.bool_from_string(
            except ValueError:
                optimize = False
        if optimize:
    return instances_to_migrate




  • Unit tests on watcher Audit and Strategy

  • Unit tests for audit scope. Also tempest scenarios to create an Audit Template and define an Audit scope with “instance_metadata”

Documentation Impact

Update documentations and reference to configuration options.