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Launchpad blueprint

Offer a way to configure multiple domains for Openstack with keystone API v3.

Problem description

As a deployer, I would like to install OpenStack keystone running API v3 and be able to configure multiple domains.

This requires multiple keystone configuration files. Openstack expects such configuration in a file named keystone.$domain.conf in a directory defined by identity/domain_config_dir in keystone.conf. It’s /etc/keystone/domains by default.

Proposed change

Make a new provider keystone_domain_config. The syntax would be to allow the use of the domain in the resource name:

keystone_domain_config {
  "services::ldap/url":  value => $url;

This will set the [ldap] section url to the value of $url in the configuration file /etc/keystone/domains/

I’m proposing :: as the delimiter since that’s what the proposed keystone v3 patch uses. Note that in this case, the domain comes first, before the ::

This implementation will be a subclass keystone_config.


It should be noted that the rest API offer a way to do it directly without the configuration file, but it’s currently unavailable to the openstack cli see this openstackclient bug. When this becomes available, the file creation can be removed in favor of the cli.

Another way to do it would be to add the missing name parsing in “keystone_config”. The lesser encapsulation means that when the openstack cli finally supports the direct modification of the configuration, we won’t be able to adjust the provider easily.

Data model impact


Module API impact

Everything has been already mentioned in Proposed change.

End user impact


Performance Impact


Deployer impact

If a deployer use a parameter with :: in it, then the left side of the string will be interpreted as a domain and put in the domain file, not in the keystone.conf file. There is no such parameter for the moment in the whole configuration and it’s unlikely that they ever will be.

Developer impact




Primary assignee:


Other contributors:


Work Items

  • Create a unit rspec;

  • Create a functional test;

  • Add the name parsing and file path logic in the provider;


  • The keystone version must be at least stable/kilo.


For the moment the functional test are covered by beaker. Future change in the puppet gate can make tempest tests useful for this feature.

Documentation Impact

Add a examples in the puppet-keystone repository for this feature.