Repository Management in Extras

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Problem description

Currently it is necessary to maintain a separate module to handle base repositories and any other repos that are needed for operation. This patch seeks to allow arbitrary definitions of repositories via hash parameters and create_resources integrated with and alongside the rdo and uca options already available.

This patch will also define a sensible directory structure to use, so that common code between similar systems can be shared.

Proposed change

Create classes that manage arbitrary repositories but also RDO and UCA. Share code for similar systems where possible. Define directory structure for repo management


Port the current repo management code across

This results in an implicit requirement to use either data-bindings or another class with collectors to override resources in the case where the user wants to provide their own baseurl for epel, or provide a proxy, since the parameters for those resources are not exposed to the class.

If every parameter for each resource is exposed, we end up with a bloated interface for the classes.

A suggestion was made to use stahnma’s epel class, but this is an even greater exaggeration of this problem since that class has so many parameters. Instead, we should offer to not manage epel, and allow the user to include the epel module if they wish, while continuing to offer a convenience parameter with the current defaults.

Data model impact


Module API impact

New classes for debian:

openstack_extras::repo::debian::ubuntu openstack_extras::repo::debian::debian openstack_extras::repo::debian::params

Parameters for debian osfamily:
  • release : The openstack release name

  • manage_[uca|whz] : whether to add the default uca/wheezy repo

  • source_hash : a hash of apt::source resources

  • source_defaults : a hash of apt::source parameters for defaults

  • package_require : whether to use a collector for all packages to require apt-get update

New classes for redhat:

openstack_extras::repo::redhat::redhat openstack_extras::repo::redhat::params

Parameters for redhat osfamily:
  • release : The openstack release name

  • manage_rdo : whether to add the default rdo repo

  • repo_hash : a hash of yumrepo resources

  • repo_defaults : a hash of yumrepo parameters for defaults

  • gpgkey_hash : a hash of file resources to create gpg keys

  • gpgkey_defaults : a hash of file parameters for defaults

  • purge_unmanaged : whether to purge unmanaged yum repos from yum.repos.d

  • package_require : whether to use a collector for all packages to require all yum repos

Directory structure should follow:


currently redhat, centos, fedora all handled using RDO, but leave the option to diverge later

New functions:

We need some functions that will perform validation on the hashes passed to file and yumrepo to catch typos as early as possible.

End user impact


Performance Impact


Deployer impact

Allows deployers to manage all repos on their system without having to make their own class.

Deployers will need to understand how to pass resource hashes around in order to take advantage of this. Hiera example will be provided. All users of the current repo mgmt system should migrate to the new format at their leisure - the old classes will not be changed.

Developer impact





Work Items

debian/ubuntu support redhat/centos/fedora support


Adds apt dependency to openstack_extras


rspec for unit tests will be integrated into aptira’s product during testing for integration tests

Documentation Impact

Complete change of repo management API