Fuel UI Settings Subtabs


Settings will be organized in subtabs to simplify settings navigation.

Problem description

Fuel settings tab is big and has lots of settings groups. As plugins are added, things get more complicated. In order to organize the settings, the concept of subtabs is proposed.

Proposed change

Every settings group will be placed in a separate subtab, every subtab can be selected using a single mouse click.


Subtabs icons are to be defined in CSS, either Fuel UI or plugin. There should be a CSS class with name of the subtab like this:

.advanced-settings-subtab.default-subtab {
   background-image: ...

The default-subtab class provide default icon if plugin/core author did not provide the specific icon

On leaving tab, save is requested if unsaved changes exist, save saves all the subtabs, not only the current one.

Cancel button resets all the changes on all the subtabs.

Load Defaults restores original settings on all the subtabs also.


Continue to use single page with multiple settings groups.

Data model impact


REST API impact


Upgrade impact

No external dependencies added

Security impact

No impact

Notifications impact

No impact

Other end user impact

End user will see the new Settings tab appearance in Fuel UI. No command-line client impact.

Performance Impact

Not applicable

Plugin impact

Every plugin can add a settings group and therefore, subtab. Subtabs number is not limited, althouh it may have impact on UI usability

Other deployer impact

No impact

Developer impact

No impact

Infrastructure impact

No impact



Primary assignee:

Anton Zemlyanov - azemlyanov

Other contributors:

Anastasiya Palkina (QA) - apalkina Bogdan Dudko (UI Design) - bdudko Vitaly Kramskikh (Mandatory reviewer) - vkramskikh

Work Items

  • prepare icons for subtabs
  • implement settings tab subtabs




  • manual testing
  • UI functional test for Settings tab should be updated

Acceptance criteria

  • all the functional UI tests pass
  • clicking on a subtab switches to it
  • on leaving tab with changes save requested

Documentation Impact

Fuel Users Guide should be updated, Settings tab section