Fuel Master CI Tests


This spec enables the CI testing of Fuel Library changes on deployment of Fuel Master node.

Problem description

Puppet deployment on OpenStack nodes and Fuel Master nodes use a common collection of Puppet modules, but there is no automated testing of Puppet on Fuel Master. This leads to regressions when patches are made against OpenStack deployment, but break Fuel Master deployment. One noteworthy example was nova-specific code added to a custom RabbitMQ init script.

The reason this has not been implemented yet is because there is no place during deployment where system tests could pause deployment and change the Puppet manifests.

Proposed change

The change requires a modification to fuelmenu, which will allow the deployment to be paused for some time while system tests can copy new puppet manifests onto the Fuel Master node. To enable resumption of deployment, fuelmenu will save and quit when it is sent a SIGUSR1 kill signal.

The second modification required is mapping /etc/puppet to the Puppet manifests that are stored on the base Fuel Master host, rather than storing several independent copies. This changes deployment behavior for those testing experimental changes. Changes to puppet on the host will impact all other containers, so it should be done with more caution than before implementation of this feature.

Lastly, a new system test is required that is capable of creating a snapshot of Fuel Master at this pre-deploy stage for syncing new manifests and deploying Fuel Master and a single node. This test should be added as CI for fuel-library commits.


We could build an entire ISO and remove the need for this test, but it would slow down CI significantly. If ISO build was reduced down to ~5 minutes, this blueprint could be obsoleted.

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Work Items

Fuelmenu work (Matthew Mosesohn) System test (Egor Kotko)




This change is in effect a new test. It has already been described above and it will cover puppet deployment the same way OpenStack nodes are deployed, as well as the extent of Puppet testing we do for full system tests with ISO installation.

Documentation Impact

Puppet manifests will be mount the /etc/puppet directory of the host, which may impact those who were accustomed to the previous behavior of Docker containers. That is, the previous state allowed a user to modify /etc/puppet, experiment, and then destroy and restart the container in order to get a “clean slate”. This sort of experimentation is possible, but the user would need to modify the Fuel Master host’s /etc/puppet directly and revert manifests back if necessary. There is a copy of the original manifests located in a tarball in /var/log/nailgun.