Support user-defined DNS and NTP

Nodes that deployed by Fuel should support user-defined DNS and NTP settings.

Problem description

After deployment today we have hard-coded DNS and NTP fields on all nodes that referred to master node. So if master node will not have internet access to NTP servers that ships by default with ISO or if master node will disabled after deployment then all nodes can have wrong time. It’s right for DNS also. Moreover, usually companies have internal NTP servers to sync over and internal DNS to work over, but now user can’t provide them to Fuel for slave nodes.

Proposed change

Provide ability to change NTP and DNS servers for controllers through Fuel UI. We can do it relatively simply by adding appropriate fields for external DNS and NTP servers, then forward data from that fields to astute.yaml, transfer it to nodes and apply data on nodes. It is important to note that slave nodes /etc/resolve.conf files will be pointed to controller DNS and controllers will resolve all clients queries by next logic:

  1. All local queries will be forwarded to Fuel Master node.
  2. All external queries will be forwarded to external DNS servers.

Scheme how it works today:

                       Fuel Master

                       |NTP Client|
   Custom              +----------+            Slave node
+----------+           +-----+----+           +----------+
|NTP Server+---------->|NTP Server+---------->|NTP Client|
+----------+           +----------+           +----------+

+----------+           +----------+           +----------+
|DNS server+---------->|DNS server+---------->|DNS Client|
+----------+           +-----+----+           +----------+
                       |DNS Client|

Scheme how it can work after:

     Fuel Master
     |NTP Client|
     +----------+         Custom
     +-----+----+      +----------+
     |NTP Server|<-----+NTP Server+--+
     +----------+      +----------+  |     external queries
     +----------+      +----------+  |            |
+----|DNS server|<-----+DNS server+--+            |
|    +-----+----+      +----------+               |
|          v                                      |
|    +----------+                                 |
|    |DNS Client|                                 |
|    +----------+                                 |
|                                                 |
|                                 Controllers     |
|                    +-----------+----------+-----v-----+
|     Slave node     |           |Controller|           |
|    +----------+    |           |          |           |
|    |NTP Client|<-+ |           |NTP Server|           |
|    +----------+  | |VIP-Router |          | VIP-Router|
|                  +-+Management |          |   Public  |
|    +----------+  | |           |          |           |
|    |DNS Client|<-+ |           |DNS server|           |
|    +----------+    |           |          |           |
|                    |           |          |           |
|                    +-----------+----------+-----------+
|                          ^
     local DNS queries


User can do all stuff about adding NTP and DNS records on all nodes himself (manually).

  • We don’t need to change any code at all.
  • It inconvinient, can lead to typo errors and, as result, to delay in work of all system.
  • If customer’s ntp server will N/A for long time, time synchronization between controllers and computes will be lost. After this Nova will mark nodes with different time as failed. Openstack env starts spoiling

Data model impact

Support to store external DNS and NTP fields in database required.

REST API impact


Upgrade impact

So as we don’t have any implementation of major environments upgrade, we will not support upgrade from old environments where we hadn’t vrouter [1] for external DNS and NTP to new environment where we have one. Downgrade also will not support.

Security impact


Notifications impact


Other end user impact

Impact on fuel_health. If user define some external dns current ostf test for dns will fail.

Performance Impact

All DNS and NTP queries may be addressed to external servers, so how long they will do right answer to that queries will depend from this servers settings.

Other deployer impact


Developer impact

UI team will be affected, cause new UI options needed. Maybe nailgun-related team is going to be affected to correctly put new values from UI to database and from database to yaml



Primary assignee:

Work Items

  1. Sync upstream puppet-ntp module
  2. Adapt upstream module to Fuel
  3. Write puppet manifest to provide ability change NTP and DNS adresses on controllers
  4. Write puppet manifest to provide ability change NTP and DNS adresses on nodes
  5. Add changes to UI and database


  1. We need to build new fuel ISO and test if deployment work as expected.
  2. We need to test how DNS&NTP will work with upstream external DNS&NTP servers.
  3. We need to test how NTP will work when upstream external NTP will disabled. Nodes should sync with controller NTP anyway in that case.

Documentation Impact

It should be described how to change DNS and NTP servers on controllers to external and what exactly will be changed by this settings.


[1] Virtual router blueprint: