Dry run deploy


For development and debugging it would be nice if Fuel can perform all prepared steps for deploy including facts uploading and finish on this.

Problem description

Deployer typical work flow in case of implementing new feature using CLI:

  • provision new cluster;
  • download, edit and upload deployment settings;
  • go to master node and break manifest;
  • do necessary things on nodes;
  • run deploy.

Problem is in the step 3rd step:

  • not obvious;
  • will be difficult in case of granular deployment because it require to many changes in different tasks;
  • different pre and post deploy hooks can change environment in unexpected ways;
  • require to many steps in case when deployer needs to perform changes on node with multiple roles or with a deployed node;
  • block automation for routine tasks.

Proposed change

For nailgun

  • support new api call ‘prepare_env’ for cluster;
  • create new task ‘prepare_env’ for orchestrator.

For fuelclient

Create new action for node ‘–prepare-env’ with same syntax as ‘–deploy’


fuel --env 1 node --prepare-env --node 3,4

For astute

  • create new RPC handler ‘prepare_env’ which will process all tasks related to the environment preparation;
  • change the facts uploading mechanism: instead of rewriting ‘astute.yaml’ for every node’s role we should upload /etc/<role>.yaml and do symbolink link from it to /etc/astute.yaml;
  • move the facts uploading operation from pre deploy stage to pre deployment one.

All actions is known as pre deployment one should executed in case of ‘prepare_env’ call:

  • generate and upload ssh keys;
  • update repository sources and package metadata;
  • sync time;
  • sync puppet manifests;
  • sync tasklib tasks;
  • enable puppet deploy;
  • upload facts.


Leave it as it is.

Data model impact


REST API impact

New API call named ‘prepare_env’ similar to ‘deploy’.

/clusters/<cluster id>/prepare_env/?nodes={nodes ids}

Upgrade impact


Security impact


Notifications impact


Other end user impact


Performance Impact


Other deployer impact


Developer impact




Primary assignee:

Work Items

Whole task may be divide into following separate changes:

  • new command in Fuel CLI;
  • new api call and task in Nailgun;
  • new handler in Astute.




Main scenario:

  • create cluster;
  • add nodes with with several role on each one;
  • provision nodes;
  • change puppet modules;
  • call prepare environment API call.

Expecting result:

  • nodes should have provisioned state in Nailgun;
  • nodes should contain /etc/<role>.yaml for each node role;
  • nodes should contain changed modules;
  • no OpenStack packages should be installed;
  • no puppet or tasklib processes should be running.

Documentation Impact

  • Fuelclient;
  • Nailgun API.

This interfaces will be changed so it must be mirrored into corresponding documentation.