Deprecate Cinder V1 API

The Cinder V1 API should be deprecated as v2 has been developed back in Grizzly and stable. Newer features are being developed to v2, that v1 will never have.

Problem description

The v2 API switch involves some changes from clients to make things more consistent like display_name becoming name and display_description and description. This is done on both volume and snapshot controllers. It is assumed there are many clients out there still supporting v1, as well as many deployed clouds still using v1 that would need to make some changes to ease the switch.

Use Cases

Proposed change

Leave v1 enabled for Juno, give a warning for enabling it though in Cinder API service startup. Both /v1 and /v2 can work at the same time which can allow time to switch clients over in the user’s pace. In K, turn off v1.



Data model impact


REST API impact

/v1 will continue to work as normal and serve incoming requests.

Security impact


Notifications impact


Other end user impact

/v1 will continue to work as normal and serve incoming requests. If the end user hits <ip>:8776/ they will see v2 listed as current and v1 listed as deprecated.

Performance Impact


Other deployer impact

The deployer will have to make sure they have enable_v1_api=true in their cinder.conf. In versions older than Juno, enable_v1_api was default to true, but Juno will have this option set to false by default.

Developer impact




Primary assignee:


Work Items

  • Have devstack set enable_v1_api=true in lib/cinder.

  • Add changes to grenade to set enable_v1_api=true.

  • Add v2 support to Nova when using Cinder client, but to also support v1 if still enabled.

  • Add deprecation warnings to Cinder API for enabling v1 API, and set enable_v1_api to default to false.

  • Update documentation API ref/spec pages. Update the ops guide where appropriate.



Unit tests for v1 will still exist. Tempest will still do v1 tests in Juno.

Documentation Impact

V1 Cinder documentation will mention it’s deprecated where it’s appropriate. Instructions for upgrade and keeping v1 enabled can also be provided. This includes the reference, spec, and ops docs.