Remove Translation from Debug Messages

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Including translation of debug messages for OpenStack creates more work for the translators than can be contained. It has been decided to reduce the workload for translators and to ensure that the most important log messages are translated properly, we remove translation of debug messages.

Problem description

We have currently been doing Cinder development under the assumption that all messages should be translated. As described above, it has been decided that this is not the case. In order to bring Cinder in line with other OpenStack components we need to remove translation from debug level log messages.

Use Cases

Proposed change

The change proposed is simply to remove _() from around any debug level log messages. While the change is simple, the changes touch many, if not all, files in Cinder which requires careful coordination of the implementation of the change.

The proposed implementation of this change is to have volume driver owners take responsibility to implement changes in each of the directories, (cinder/volume/drivers/) to start with, as individual commits. We will then work backwards and split up making changes across the remaining top level directories (cinder/). Each TLD will be handled as its own commit.

Note that this spec and associated blueprint are not to address the integration of _LI(), _LW(), _LE() and _LC() functions. That work is being addressed by the following spec/blueprint:


We could not go back and remove from existing log messages. This, however, seems like a poor decision given that we would not be consistent with other OpenStack projects and it would be confusing and ugly as we go forward given that some debug messages would have around them while others would not.

Data model impact


REST API impact


Security impact


Notifications impact


Other end user impact

End users will no longer be able to see debug output in locale’s aside from English. This, however, was deemed necessary to allow the translation team to be able to focus on translation of other log levels.

Performance Impact


Other deployer impact

Deployers who previously have seen debug messages translated will need to be aware that this change has been implemented.

Developer impact

Developers should no longer translate debug level messages.



Primary assignee:

jsbryant ( and jungleboyj on IRC)

Other contributors:

There will be numerous other contributors to this Blueprint as it is anticipated that the work will be split across multiple members of the Cinder development team.

Work Items

Remove _() from all debug messages in Cinder. Add a HACKING check to ensure that new cases of this are not added.




Unit test for this change is not required. A HACKING check, however, should be added to test for developers attempting to translate debug messages in the future. The check should make sure that any LOG.debug messages do not have a _() around the text contained in the message.

Documentation Impact

The fact that debug messages shouldn’t be translated is already documented here: Further documentation should be required.