Stein Project Priorities

List of priorities the Monasca drivers team is prioritizing in Stein.

The owners listed are responsible for tracking the status of that work and helping get that work done. They are not the only contributors to this work, and not necessarily doing most of the coding!

The implementation progress on these priorities and other identified important tasks is tracked in this board.

Essential Priorities

Title Owners
Kafka client upgrade witek
Monasca Events Agent joadavis, aagate
Merge Monasca APIs dougsz
Add query endpoint for logs/events dougsz
Run under Python 3 by default adriancz, Dobroslaw
Pre upgrade checks joadavis

High Priorities

Title Owners
Auto-scaling with Heat witek
Metrics retention policy joadavis
Documentation refresh  
Deployment in OpenStack Helm srwilkers
Integration with Watcher yushiro


Kafka client upgrade

Currently, in all Python Monasca components, the copy of kafka-python library in version 0.9.5 (released on Feb 16, 2016) is used. Sticking with the old frozen client version is also unacceptable in terms of security. The goal is to upgrade the Apache Kafka client to confluent-kafka-python. This will dramatically improve the performance and reliability.

Merge Monasca APIs

The goal is to merge all Monasca APIs into a single unified API to reduce maintenance overhead, make it easier for developers to add new features and improve the user experience.

Monasca Events Agent

The goal is to extend Monasca Ceilometer project and add a new events publisher which will publish Openstack notifications (or events) to Monasca Events API.

Add query endpoint for logs/events

Add support for querying ElasticSearch via the Monasca API to support tenant scoped access to logs and events. This should include accessing the logs via Grafana.

Run under Python 3 by default

As OpenStack Technical Committee agreed in the Python2 Deprecation Timeline resolution, the next phase of our adoption of Python 3 is to begin running all jobs using Python 3 by default and only using Python 2 to test operating under Python 2 (via unit, functional, or integration tests). This goal describes the activities needed to move us to this python 3 first state.

Pre upgrade checks

The goal is to provide an upgrade check command which would perform any upgrade validation that can be automated.

Metrics retention policy

The goal is to add a new API for managing the mapping of metrics to TTL values.