Rocky Project Priorities

List of priorities the Monasca drivers team is prioritizing in Rocky.

The owners listed are responsible for tracking the status of that work and helping get that work done. They are not the only contributors to this work, and not necessarily doing most of the coding!

Essential Priorities

Title Owners
Kafka upgrade witek
Alembic migrations jgr
Metrics retention policy jgu
Monasca Transformer refresh aagate, joadavis
Run API under WSGi witek
Support Python 3.5 witek, sc
Enable mutable configuration  
Policy in Code amofakhar

High Priorities

Title Owners
Templating webhook notifications dougsz
Service Domain for Self Service Agent Users jgr
Add Monasca publisher to Ceilometer joadavis, aagate
Alarm grouping, silencing, inhibition witek
Documentation refresh  

Optional Priorities

Title Owners
New agent plugins for OpenStack  
Cross-project integrations  
Monasca Query Language  
Create Docker images from OpenStack repos  
Kolla deployment dougsz
Query logs pipeline dougsz
New monasca-thresh  
Monasca-persister performance improvements sgrasley, jgu


Kafka upgrade

The goal is to upgrade all Monasca components to use Apache Kafka 1.0.x. Currently used embedded forked version of kafka-python client should be replaced with pykafka (or alternatively confluent-kafka-python). The integration should be preceded by extensive performance and endurance testing.

Alembic migrations

The goal is to provide a consistent and easy to use way to maintain SQL schema changes. The implementation should allow schema initialization and migration from one version to another. Alembic is a lightweight database migration tool which optimally fulfills our requirements.

Run API under WSGi

This is a community-wide release goal for Pike. The goal is to:

  • Provide WSGI application script files.
  • Switch devstack jobs to deploy Monasca APIs under uwsgi with Apache acting as a front end proxy.

Support Python 3.5

This is a community-wide release goal for Pike. The goal is to support, test and running with Python 3.5.

Policy in Code

The goal is to register and document default policies for the APIs in code.

Add Monasca publisher to Ceilometer

Monasca-Ceilometer (aka. Ceilosca) code currently exists in its own project. This is for historical reasons. With changes in Ceilometer and the Telemetry project, it may be possible to have the Monasca publisher from monsasca-ceilometer merged into the Ceilometer repository. This could reduce future workload in maintenance.

Templating webhook notifications

Improve the quality of notifications generated from alerts. We want notifications to be informative, concise and flexible.

Kolla deployment

Add support for deploying Monasca in Docker containers using the OpenStack Kolla project. This change will support deploying Monasca in a high availability configuration. Blueprints exist for containers and the Ansible roles to deploy them.

Query logs pipeline

Add support for querying ElasticSearch via the Monasca Log API to support tenant scoped access to logs. This should include accessing the logs via Grafana.