Spec Lite: Neutralize Language

Spec Lite: Neutralize Language


The glance_store library is being consumed by another project (Glare) but much of the language in Exception messages, log messages, and configuration option help text talks about “images”.

Additionally, some of the names of configuration options are image-centric. (Actually, I could only find one of these):

  • vmware_store_image_dir (and its default value is ‘openstack_glance’)

  • Make the language in Exception messages, log messages, and the configuration option help text neutral, for example, replace ‘image’ by ‘object’ and any other appropriate language changes.

  • Introduce new configuration options for any options with image-centric names and deprecate the old options using the facilities oslo.config supplies for this purpose.


The deprecated options will be listed in a release note.

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