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Graded Backends

Problem description

Currently we have quite a few backends, that are not tested, or actively maintained. We should be informing users of what backends are most actively maintained and tested

Proposed change

A graduated level of grading for backends:

Grade Variations Description
Integrated None Tested on every commit by the OpenStack CI Infrastructure, and maintained by designate developers as a reference backend
Master Compatible In Tree / External Tested on every commit by 3rd party testing, and has a person or group dedicated to maintaining compatibility on a regular basis
Release Compatible In Tree / External Not necessarily tested on every commit, but has a maintainer committed to ensuring compatibility for each release
Untested In Tree / External All other backends in the designate repository
Failing In Tree / External Backends that were previously “* Compatible”, but tests are now failing on a regular basis.
Known Broken In Tree / External Backends that do not work, and have been broken with no sign of any fixes

The current backends would be currently fall into the following pattern:

Backend Grade Notes
PowerDNS + MySQL Integrated  
Bind Integrated  
Akamai Release Compatible - In Tree  
DynECT Release Compatible - In Tree  
Agent Untested - In Tree  
PowerDNS + pgSQL Untested - In Tree  
Microsoft DNS Untested - External  

This will also include the creation of a support matrix like Nova

This info should be maintained along with the list of current driver maintainers responsible for the “Non Integrated” backends. The upkeep of this list will fall on the PTL or his/her delegate

Should a backend’s grade be in dispute, it falls on the current project PTL to make the final decision after listening to all sides concerns.


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