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Introduce Guru Meditation Reports into Designate

Problem description

Guru Meditation Reports enables Designate service to print a lot of detail debug information about service running thread, configuration and greenlet stack straces when receiving USR1 signal.

Add Guru Meditation Reports into Designate will help us debugging problems easier especially when dealing with bugs root in deadlocks between eventlet greenthreads.

Guru Meditation Reports is alreadly implemented in oslo-incubator and used in Nova.

Proposed change

Pick Guru Meditation Reports implementation from oslo-incubator and add the USR1 signal handler.

All Designate services will support Guru Meditation Reports, including:

  • designate-central
  • designate-api
  • designate-mdns
  • designate-agent
  • designate-pool-manager
  • designate-sink
  • designate-manage

API Changes


Central Changes


Storage Changes


Other Changes

Designate service processes will receive USR1 signal and print Guru Meditation Reports.



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Target Milestone for completion:

Work Items

Work items are listed in Proposed change section.

Documentation Impact

Describe how to generate and view a Guru Meditation Reports.