Tacker support in python-openstackclient


Implement a new set of tacker commands as python-openstackclient plugins.

Problem description

python-openstackclient is becoming the default command line client for many OpenStack projects. Tacker would benefit from implementing all of its client commands as python-openstackclient plugins implemented in the python-tackerclient repository.

Proposed change

The intent of this spec is to identify the commands to be implemented and establish conventions for command and argument names. This spec is not intented to be a full and correct specification of command and argument names.

The following conventions will be adopted for argument flags:

  • When the name/ID is specified it will be the first positional argument after the full command names

  • When the resource name is specified it will be the second positional argument after the name/ID.

  • show and list commands should show an appropriate quantity of data by default and --short or --long arguments will display a different level of details.

For certain commands which conflict with other OpenStack projects,’nfv’ is prefixed to differentiate the commands. The commands that may conflict include network-service, classifier, nfp, chain and event.

The following tacker commands will be implemented for openstack initially suggesting these command names:

VNF Commands

tacker vnf-create
openstack vnf create

tacker vnf-delete
openstack vnf delete

tacker vnf-list
openstack vnf list

tacker vnf-resource-list
openstack vnf resource list

tacker vnf-scale
openstack vnf scale

tacker vnf-show
openstack vnf show

tacker vnf-update
openstack vnf set

tacker vnfd-create
openstack vnf descriptor create

tacker vnfd-delete
openstack vnf descriptor delete

tacker vnfd-list
openstack vnf descriptor list

tacker vnfd-show
openstack vnf descriptor show

tacker vnfd-template-show
openstack vnf descriptor template show

VIM commands

tacker vim-list
openstack vim list

tacker vim-register
openstack vim register

tacker vim-show
openstack vim show

tacker vim-update
openstack vim set

tacker vim-delete
openstack vim delete

Network Service Commands

tacker ns-create
openstack ns create

tacker ns-delete
openstack ns delete

tacker ns-list
openstack ns list

tacker ns-show
openstack ns show

tacker nsd-create
openstack ns descriptor create

tacker nsd-delete
openstack ns descriptor delete

tacker nsd-list
openstack ns descriptor list

tacker nsd-show
openstack ns descriptor show

tacker nsd-template-show
openstack ns descriptor template show

VNFFG Commands

tacker vnffg-create
openstack vnf graph create

tacker vnffg-delete
openstack vnf graph delete

tacker vnffg-list
openstack vnf graph list

tacker vnffg-show
openstack vnf graph show

tacker vnffg-update
openstack vnf graph set

tacker vnffgd-create
openstack vnf graph descriptor create

tacker vnffgd-delete
openstack vnf graph descriptor delete

tacker vnffgd-list
openstack vnf graph descriptor list

tacker vnffgd-show
openstack vnf graph descriptor show

tacker vnffgd-template-show
openstack vnf graph descriptor template show

VNFFG - Service Function Chain commands

tacker chain-list
openstack vnf chain list

tacker chain-show
openstack vnf chain show

VNFFG - Flow Classifier Commands

tacker classifier-list
openstack vnf classifier list

tacker classifier-show
openstack vnf classifier show

VNFFG - Network Forwarding Path

tacker nfp-list
openstack vnf network forwarding path list

tacker nfp-show
openstack vnf network forwarding path show

Event Commands

tacker event-show
openstack nfv event show

tacker events-list
openstack nfv event list


  • Continue to evolve tacker commands and do not implement any openstack commands.

  • Instead of implementing this inside python-tackerclient, create a new project which depends on python-tackerclient and python-openstackclient.



Trinath Somanchi <trinath.somanchi@nxp.com>

yong sheng gong <gong.yongsheng@99cloud.net>

dharmendra kushwaha <dharmendra.kushwaha@nectechnologies.in>

Nguyen Hai <nguyentrihai93@gmail.com> <nguyentrihai@soongsil.ac.kr>

Srikanth Kumar Lingala <srikanth.lingala@nxp.com>

Veera Reddy B <veera.b@nxp.com>


Target Milestone for completion:


Work Items

Work items or tasks – break the feature up into the things that need to be done to implement it. Those parts might end up being done by different people, but we’re mostly trying to understand the timeline for implementation.


OpenStack Client Command list - https://docs.openstack.org/developer/python-openstackclient/command-list.html