Add nova server groups plugin

This Blueprint adds a plugin for Nova server groups (OS::Nova::Server_groups).

Problem Description

Currently, in nova, there are no filter support fo os-server-groups API, that means, when list server groups, all the existing server groups will be listed. As server groups are very widely used feature in commercial deployment, this will be problematic, especially for large scale Public Cloud deployments. For example, in Deutsche Telekom OTC Public Cloud, each tenant will have 10 server groups by default, when the number of tenant grows, it will be a bottleneck to list and search for particular server groups. And it will also be very user-friendly to let user search for server groups with name, policy or members which is not yet provided by Nova.

Proposed Change

Phase I:

Add a Nova server groups plugin to collect server groups data and provide the ability to search server groups using name, policy, members, id and metadata.

Phase II: Add new notification handler for server groups notifications once the notification for server groups in nova has been added.


Not add this plugin and we will lack the support for a widely used nova feature.