Add an option to sahara-image-create to generate bare metal images

Bare metal image generation is supported by disk-image-create but there is no option exposed in sahara-image-create that allows the generation of sahara images for bare metal. If sahara is to support bare metal deployments, we must have sahara bare metal images.

Problem description

Users should have a simple option to generate a sahara bare metal image. This option should be applicable to all platforms and all plugins. The default behavior of sahara-image-create should remain unchanged – it should generate VM images if the option is not enabled.

To generate a sahara bare metal image, the “vm” element needs to be left out of the element list and the “grub2”, “baremetal”, and “dhcp-all-interfaces” elements should be added.

Proposed change

Add a “-b” command line option that sets a boolean flag indicating bare metal image generation. If this option is set, add “grub2 baremetal dhcp-all-interfaces” to the list of elements passed to disk-image-create and prevent the “vm” element from being passed.

Do not bother making the list of baremetal elements modifiable from the shell. It’s unlikely that capability will be needed.

If the “-b” command line option is not set, no bare metal elements will be added to the element list and the “vm” element will not be removed.



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Other end user impact


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Developer impact


Sahara-image-elements impact

No impact beyond the change to sahara-image-create itself.

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Work Items

A single patch to




Manually test the generation of bare metal images for all OSs and plugins. Image generation should succeed and generate .vmlinuz, .initrd, and .qcow2 files. However, successful generation doesn’t guarantee that they will actually work (for instance in Kilo, Fedora and CentOS 6 images will not boot correctly in ironic)

For this change, it is enough that the image generation completes.

Documentation Impact

The “-b” option should be mentioned where we discuss image generation.