Configure openstack services with docker support

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The Docker driver is a hypervisor driver for OpenStack Nova Compute. It was introduced with the Havana release. Docker is an open-source engine which automates the deployment of applications as highly portable, self-sufficient containers which are independent of hardware, language, framework, packaging system and hosting provider.


This new change proposed will enable deployment and configuration of nova-docker driver, glance repo configuration and any needed config to support seemless managment of docker nodes in openstack cloud.

Problem description

  • Currently, openstack-compute does not support nova-docker driver

  • Currently, openstack-image does not support docker container formats for images which includes docker and dockerref

  • [OPENSTACK_DOCKER_COOKBOOK_OLD] is an available option which is not maintained for last 2 years and it has embedded 2 years old driver.

Proposed change

Add support in openstack-compute cookbook to configure [NOVA_DOCKER_DRIVER]. Current support will be to download the nova docker driver from git repo and configure.

Also change openstack-image to support container formats for docker images which includes docker and dockerref



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Work Items

  • Add new attributes to openstack-compute

  • Change openstack-compute / nova.conf.erb template for including nova-docker driver

  • Add new recipe for docker configuration in openstack-compute

  • Change compute.rb recipe in openstack-compute to include the new recipe based on configuration

  • Add the unit tests.

  • Change openstack-image and add new container formats in attributes


  • In order to configure nova-docker driver - compute nodes should be pre installed with docker runtime. Users can opt to use cookbook [CHEF_DOCKER] In case above cookbook does not support the OS where compute is getting configured use doucmentation which is available at [DOCKER_RUNTIME_INSTALLATION].

  • This depends on Nova Docker driver [NOVA_DOCKER_DRIVER]. Currently a git clone of above source in .zip format is required to complete nova configuration


  • Add unit tests for the recipes.

  • For function and CI integration test, at least one node with OpenStack all-in-one deployment is recommended.

  • In order to configure a compute node as docker compute(while testing using openstack-chef-repo) override the attribute to true using environment which indicates whether a node is docker type or not

  • Prior to testing, install docker runtime to all compute nodes. Refer Dependencies for more details

Documentation Impact

  • Change in openstack-compute

Possible Future Enhancements

Change openstack-telemetry cookbook to support monitoring of docker computes