Lbaas, use Octavia as reference implementation

The lbaas team intends to replace the reference implementation with the service-vm like implementation provided by project Octavia[1], which uses nova compute to provide scalability and HA features.

Problem Description

The existing reference implementation does not scale well, does not handle HA, is fragile in the face of underlying host failures.

Proposed Change

A neutron-lbaas Octavia driver (or shim) will be added to neutron-lbaas, which will reference the controller/framework implemented by the Octavia project[1].

The existing reference implementation, the namespace haproxy driver, will remain in the neutron-lbaas tree for Liberty, for upgrades.

The default driver enabled in the neutron-lbaas.conf file will be Octavia, a dependency on Octavia will be added to the project requirements file, and packagers will have to install/deploy Octavia as part of an lbaas install.

The neutron-lbaas devstack plugin will start installing Octavia automatically.

Data Model Impact




Security Impact


Notifications Impact


Other End User Impact


Performance Impact


IPv6 Impact


Other Deployer Impact

Upgrades will have to manually choose to switch to Octavia. The old driver will continue to function.

New installs will need to pull in and start Octavia.

Developer Impact


Community Impact

The existing reference implementation is not well liked. Hopefully, this starts to change that perception.


One alternative is to continue to maintain the existing reference/agent driver, and keep Octavia present as an option. The extra maintenance cycles of keeping both drivers prime-time is less desirable by the lbaas team.



Primary assignee:

Octavia team

Work Items

  • Octavia neutron-lbaas driver.

  • Tweak requirements.

  • Convert tests to stably run with Octavia.

  • Modify devstack plugin


  • A working Octavia implemention. The switch will happen no later than the middle of L-3, and only if Octavia is “complete enough” for production use, as determined by the services lieutenant and/or the PTL.


Existing tests will exercise the Octavia backend. Additional jobs will be added to continue testing the namespace/haproxy backend, until it is removed (schedule TBD.)

Tempest Tests

Same as existing.

Functional Tests

Same as existing.

API Tests

Same as existing.

Documentation Impact

User Documentation

References to the driver/config settings will need to be updated, as will documentation on how to check if the right agents are running/troubleshooting.

Developer Documentation