FWaaS Implementation for Cisco Virtual Router


Adds support for vendor FWaaS implementation based on the Cisco Virtual Router.

Problem Description

The Cisco Virtual Router implementation (CSR1kv) also supports the Firewall Service in addition to Routing. The CSR1kv backend allows a Firewall to be applied on any of it’s interfaces for a specific direction of traffic. This blueprint targets neutron support for this use case.

Proposed Change

Support of the Plugin and Agent/Driver for the CSR1kv Firewall is being proposed in this blueprint. There are no changes to any of the Resources from the Reference implementation. The OpenStack resources are translated to the backend implementation and the mapping to the backend resources is maintained.

Supporting the CSR1kv requires: * Additional vendor attributes to specify firewall insertion points (neutron port_id corresponding to router interface and associated direction). Although this is being proposed as vendor extensions, the new framework being proposed to replace extensions will be adopted or this will evolve to that based on the timeline of its availability. The “extraroute” approach will be taken to add the needed attributes of port and direction without any changes to the neutron client. * Introduce new table to track insertion points of a firewall resource in the vendor plugin. * Interaction with the CSR1kv Routing Service Plugin[1] which is limited to querying for the hosting VM and some validation for the attached interface. * Add validators for the attribute extensions to conform to vendor implementation constraints. * Agent support for Firewall built on Cisco Config Agent[2] as a service agent to handle messaging with the plugin along with the messaging interfaces (firewall dict, plugin API and agent API) mostly along the lines of the reference implementation. * Agent to backend communication using existing vendor REST communication library.

Implementation is being targeted as a Service Plugin and will be refactored to align with the Flavor Framework once there is clarity on that effort. Also as a Vendor Service Plugin, the effort will be refactored or realigned as the Services split discussions are finalized. Also, if the Service Insertion BP[3] or similar proposals are resubmitted in Kilo, this effort will be aligned with the community direction.

Data Model Impact

There are no changes planned to existing Firewall resources (FirewallRule, FirewallPolicy and Firewalls). The insertion point attributes are tracked by introducing a new table CiscoFirewallAssociation:

  • firewall_id - uuid of logical firewall resource

  • port_id - uuid of neutron port corresponding to router interface

  • direction - direction of traffic on the portid to apply firewall on
    can be:
    • ingress

    • egress

    • bidirectional


No new REST API is introduced.

Security Impact


Notifications Impact

None to existing. New topic for messaging between the plugin and agent.

Other End User Impact


Performance Impact


IPv6 Impact

Expected to work with IPv6.

Other Deployer Impact

Deployer will have to enable the CSR1kv Routing Service Plugin, the Cisco Config Agent in addition the CSR1kv Firewall Service Plugin being proposed here. There is no impact to the community implementation when this is not enabled. The Agent/backend driver is derived from the Service Plugin and eventually from the flavor and this is messaged with the Config Agent avoiding the need for a separate .ini file.

Developer Impact


Community Impact

The spec was reviewed and approved in the Juno Cycle. This is proposed as a Vendor Service Plugin and will be refactored to align with any Community efforts in this area.


The ideal approach is to base it on the flavor framework and service insertion BP’s. But given that these are TBD, this is being proposed as a Service Plugin which will be refactored to align with the community model when available.


The below figure is a representation of the CSR1kv components and interactions. The CSR1kv Routing Service Plugin [1] and the Cisco Config Agent[2] have been upstreamed in Juno. The work being targeted here are the two items suffixed with a ‘*’ and their interfaces to the existing components.

Neutron Server
+---+---------------------+--------+             +-----------+
|   +---------------------+        |             |Cisco Cfg  |
|   | CSR1kv Routing      |        |             |  Agent    |
|   | Service Plugin      |        |             |           |
|   |                     |        |             |           |
|   |                     |        |             |           |
|   +---------------------+        |             +------+----+
|           ^                      |             |CSR1kv|
|           |                      |             |  FW  |
|           |          +------------------------>|Agent*|<-----+
|           v          |           |             +------+      |
|   +------------------v--+        |                           v
|   | CSR1kv Firewall     |        |                      +-----------+
|   | Service Plugin*     |        |                      |REST Client|
|   |                     |        |                      |   lib     |
|   |                     |        |                      +-----------+
|   +---------------------+        |                            |
|                                  |                            v
|                                  |                         +----------+
|                                  |                         |          |
|                                  |                         |  CSR1kv  |
|                                  |                         |    VM    |
+----------------------------------+                         +----------+


Primary assignee: skandasw Other contributors: yanping

Work Items

Service Plugin with vendor extension attributes for the Firewall Resource. API & DB changes for the vendor specific extensions. Cisco CSR1kv FWaaS service agent addition to the Cisco config Agent[2]. REST client lib Refactor to work with Cisco FWaaS and VPN implementations.


None. All CSR specific components needed are already upstreamed.


Unit tests are being added to address the changes.

Tempest Tests

Tests will be added for Vendor implementations along with CI support.

Functional Tests

Tests will be added to validate the CSR FWaaS implementation in association with the CSR Routing implementation.

API Tests

Tests will be added for the Vendor extensions being proposed.

Documentation Impact

User Documentation

Will require new documentation in Cisco sections.

Developer Documentation

Although API extensions are being proposed, these are vendor extensions and will be documented accordingly. There are no other consumers of the API changes.


[1]https://blueprints.launchpad.net/neutron/+spec/cisco-routing-service-vm [2]https://blueprints.launchpad.net/neutron/+spec/cisco-config-agent [3]https://blueprints.launchpad.net/neutron/+spec/service-base-class-and-insertion