Metadata rate limit

Launchpad Bug:

The metadata agents currently do not limit the number of requests they try to process. Mis-behaved instances repetitively querying the metadata endpoint can incur a high load on services above the metadata-agents (Nova and Neutron).

Problem Description

Platform administrators would benefit from being able to rate-limit requests handled by metadata in order to protect other OpenStack components from DoS.

  • Rate-limiting should be configurable via the config files

  • Requests should be rate-limited by source IP

  • The default settings for the rate-limiting should not impact the normal provisioning of an instance (eg. through cloud-init)

Proposed Change

The metadata agent (both in the case of OVN and OVS/linuxbridge) receive instances requests through an haproxy process it configures.

We could leverage haproxy’s stick-tables to implement rate-limiting, similar to what is done in this haproxy configuration example [1]. Concretely, requests coming-in from IPs that have a request rate above a configured threshold would receive 429s from haproxy, without hitting the metadata-agent.

As far as configuration is concerned, we would introduce some new directives to enable the rate-limiting and to configure the thresholds and time-window sizes.

In order to accommodate some events that normally occur during the life of an instance (for example: cloud-init, periodic refresh of the network-metadata), we could make the rate-limit burstable, for example: limit the request rate to 30 over 60s and to 10 over 5s. This could be implemented by creating two stick-tables holding the request rates over a long base window and over a short burst window and by denying requests coming from an IP when its request rate crosses either the base or the burst threshold.


Configuration impact

Add new configuration directives to enable and control the rate-limiting:

  • rate_limit_enabled (bool): Whether or not to enable request rate-limiting.

  • base_window_duration (seconds): Duration of the base window

  • burst_window_duration (seconds): Duration of the burst window

  • base_query_rate_limit (short): Limit of the query rate expressed over the duration of the base window.

  • burst_query_rate_limit (short): Limit of the query rate expressed over the duration of the burst window.

Metadata’s haproxy impact

  • Add two backends meant to hold the stick-tables storing http_req_rate per ip for the base window and for the burst window.

  • In the listener, deny requests with 429 if src_http_req_rate is greater than the configured threshold of either the base or burst limits.

  • In the listener, track requests in both the base and burst stick-tables.




  • Unit tests to ensure haproxy’s configuration is built according to the config parameters.