Ussuri Project Priorities

List of priorities the Monasca drivers team is prioritizing in Ussuri.

The owners listed are responsible for tracking the status of that work and helping get that work done. They are not the only contributors to this work, and not necessarily doing most of the coding!

The implementation progress on these priorities and other identified important tasks is tracked in this board.

Essential Priorities



New thresholding engine


Monasca Events Agent


IPv6 support


Optional Priorities



Sharding model for InfluxDB

Refresh Monasca transform engine



New thresholding engine

Faust library has been evaluated and the prototype of the thresholding engine based on this library has been implemented. The goal of this effort is to implement the new thresholding engine for Monasca to replace Apache Storm Java application.

Monasca Events Agent

The goal is to implement Monasca Events Listener which will publish Openstack notifications and events from third party applications to Monasca Events API. Specification listing existing requirements and proposed implementation has been written up in the past.

IPv6 Support

It is the community wide goal to support IPv6-Only Deployments.

Query Logs API

Add support for querying ElasticSearch via the Monasca Log API to support tenant scoped access to logs.

Application Credentials

Keystone appliction credentials offer the mechanism to allow applications to authenticate to Keystone. The ability to specify access rules for application credentials has been implemented in the Train cycle.

The goal of this story is to add application credentials support in monasca-agent. This will prevent the security risk of revealing OpenStack user’s password when installing the agent on the tenants environment. The access rules of these application credentials should be limited to posting measurements. monasca-setup should be extended to automatically generate such credentials and save them in configuration file if needed.

Similar task should be implemented in monasca-grafana-datasource.


New InfluxDB Query Capabilities

The goal is to extend the Monasca API to query measurements using aggregation functions available in InfluxDB, like e.g. DERIVATIVE(). Another goal is to investigate the new Flux QL to allow basic arithmetic operations between different measurements, e.g. (disk_used / disk_total).