Patch Abandonment


Provide a basic policy that core reviewers can apply to outstanding reviews. As always, it is up to the core reviewers discretion on whether a patch should or should not be abandoned. This policy is just a baseline with some basic rules.

Problem Description

Mistral consists of a number of different git repositories and there are open and stale patches that have not been updated in a long time. This can make it hard to assess the current state of reviews, since any report is cluttered by old and idle reviews.

When to Abandon

If a proposed patch has sat idle for more than 180 days with a -1 from a reviewer or CI. A core reviewer should abandon the change with a reference to this policy.

The following message can be used when abandoning patches.

Abandoning this patch per the Mistral Patch Abandonment guidelines
If you wish to have this restored and cannot do so yourself, please reach
out via #openstack-mistral on freenode or the OpenStack Dev mailing list.

When NOT to Abandon

If a proposed patch has no feedback but has a +1 from CI, a core reviewer should not abandon such changes. This change should be reviewed and moved forward towards being updated or merged.


Anyone should feel free to restore their own patches. If a change has been abandoned, anyone can request the restoration of the patch by asking a core reviewer on IRC in #openstack-mistral on freenode or by sending a request to the openstack-dev mailing list. Should the patch again become stale it may be abandoned again.

Alternative & History

This plan is based on similar approaches taken in other OpenStack projects, such as TripleO. This plan was discussed on openstack-dev 1.



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Work Items

  • Perform the initial cleanup and abandonment.

  • Create a script to automate the process.


This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License.