Configurable introspection data storage backend!/story/1726713

This spec proposes a mechanism to read and write introspection data from configured storage backend, and additionally provides support to read and write introspection data in ironic inspector database.

Problem description

Currently, introspection data can only be stored in Swift, there are no alternatives in an environment where Swift is not adopted. Also there is lack of mechanisms to support other storage backends by extending ironic-inspector with extensions.

Proposed change

  • Adds a table named introspection_data to store introspection data.

  • Adds an inspector plugin named introspection_data which supports three types of storage backend: none, swift, and database.

    Each type of storage backend exposes two interfaces:

    def get(self, node_id, suffix=None):
    def save(self, node_info, data, suffix=None):
  • Adds a plugin manager to dynamically load driver extensions according to the configuration option [processing]storage_backend, in a way similar to rule manager.

  • Adds a new entry point to the setup.cfg:

    ironic_inspector.introspection.storage_backend =
        none = ironic_inspector.plugins.introspection_data:NoStore
        swift = ironic_inspector.plugins.introspection_data:SwiftStore
        database = ironic_inspector.plugins.introspection_data:DatabaseStore



Data model impact

A new table named introspection_data will be created, with three fields:

  • uuid: String(36), foreign key to node.uuid.

  • processed: Boolean, used to determine whether the introspection data is processed or not. Currently, inspector uses suffix UNPROCESSED for unprocessed data, None for processed data, This will be mapped to the boolean field.


    The Swift storage backend uses suffix as part of the object name: inspector_data-<uuid>[-suffix].

  • data: JsonEncodedDict(), LONGTEXT for MySQL. This field is used as the storage of introspected data.

When a node is removed from the cache, the associated introspection data will be removed as well.

HTTP API impact


Client (CLI) impact


Ironic python agent impact


Performance and scalability impact


Security impact


Deployer impact

Configuration option [processing]storage_backend will have database as a valid value. When set, the inspected data will be stored to ironic inspector database.

Swift is not a mandatory requirement for storing introspection data in this case.

Developer impact

After this feature is implemented, additional plugins can be implemented to support other type of stores.

Upgrades and Backwards Compatibility

Database upgrade will be handled by ironic-inspector-dbsync.

Provides a tool to assist with the migration of existing introspection data between Swift and database, e.g.:

$ ironic-inspector-migrate-data --from swift --to database
$ ironic-inspector-migrate-data --from database --to swift



Primary assignee:


Work Items

  • Implements db layer support.

  • Implements inspection data plugin, migrates swift support into plugin as a storage backend.

  • Implements database storage backend.

  • Creates introspection data plugin manager to load driver instance according to configuration option, rework introspection data read/write access based on interfaces provided by introspection data plugin.

  • Implements the tool to help with introspection data migration.




This will be covered by unit tests and functional tests.