Requesting Detailed Metadata on Public VM Images


The Images API v1 has been DEPRECATED in the Newton release. The migration path is to use the Images API v2 instead of version 1 of the API. The Images API v1 will ultimately be removed, following the OpenStack standard deprecation policy.

We want to see more detailed information on available virtual machine images that the Glance server knows about.

We issue a GET request to to retrieve this list of available public images. The data is returned as a JSON-encoded mapping in the following format:

{'images': [
  {'name': 'Ubuntu 10.04 Plain 5GB',
   'disk_format': 'vhd',
   'container_format': 'ovf',
   'size': '5368709120',
   'checksum': 'c2e5db72bd7fd153f53ede5da5a06de3',
   'location': 'swift://account:key/container/image.tar.gz.0',
   'created_at': '2010-02-03 09:34:01',
   'updated_at': '2010-02-03 09:34:01',
   'deleted_at': '',
   'status': 'active',
   'is_public': true,
   'owner': null,
   'properties': {'distro': 'Ubuntu 10.04 LTS'}},
All images returned from the above `GET` request are public images

All timestamps returned are in UTC

The `updated_at` timestamp is the timestamp when an image's metadata
was last updated, not its image data, as all image data is immutable
once stored in Glance

The `properties` field is a mapping of free-form key/value pairs that
have been saved with the image metadata

The `checksum` field is an MD5 checksum of the image file data

The `is_public` field is a boolean indicating whether the image is
publicly available

The `owner` field is a string which may either be null or which will
indicate the owner of the image