Requesting Detailed Metadata on a Specific Image


The Images API v1 has been DEPRECATED in the Newton release. The migration path is to use the Images API v2 instead of version 1 of the API. The Images API v1 will ultimately be removed, following the OpenStack standard deprecation policy.

We want to see detailed information for a specific virtual machine image that the Glance server knows about.

We have queried the Glance server for a list of public images and the data returned includes the `uri` field for each available image. This `uri` field value contains the exact location needed to get the metadata for a specific image.

Continuing the example from above, in order to get metadata about the first public image returned, we can issue a HEAD request to the Glance server for the image’s URI.

We issue a HEAD request to to retrieve complete metadata for that image. The metadata is returned as a set of HTTP headers that begin with the prefix x-image-meta-. The following shows an example of the HTTP headers returned from the above HEAD request:

x-image-meta-name             Ubuntu 10.04 Plain 5GB
x-image-meta-disk-format      vhd
x-image-meta-container-format ovf
x-image-meta-size             5368709120
x-image-meta-checksum         c2e5db72bd7fd153f53ede5da5a06de3
x-image-meta-location         swift://account:key/container/image.tar.gz.0
x-image-meta-created_at       2010-02-03 09:34:01
x-image-meta-updated_at       2010-02-03 09:34:01
x-image-meta-status           available
x-image-meta-is-public        true
x-image-meta-owner            null
x-image-meta-property-distro  Ubuntu 10.04 LTS

All timestamps returned are in UTC The `x-image-meta-updated_at` timestamp is the timestamp when an image’s metadata was last updated, not its image data, as all image data is immutable once stored in Glance There may be multiple headers that begin with the prefix `x-image-meta-property-`. These headers are free-form key/value pairs that have been saved with the image metadata. The key is the string after `x-image-meta-property-` and the value is the value of the header The response’s `ETag` header will always be equal to the `x-image-meta-checksum` value The response’s `x-image-meta-is-public` value is a boolean indicating whether the image is publicly available The response’s `x-image-meta-owner` value is a string which may either be null or which will indicate the owner of the image.