The Images API v1 has been DEPRECATED in the Newton release. The migration path is to use the Images API v2 instead of version 1 of the API. The Images API v1 will ultimately be removed, following the OpenStack standard deprecation policy.

You can optionally integrate Glance with the OpenStack Identity Service project. Setting this up is relatively straightforward: the Identity Service distribution at includes the requisite middleware and examples of appropriately modified glance-api.conf and glance-registry.conf configuration files in the examples/paste directory. Once you have installed Keystone and edited your configuration files, newly created images will have their owner attribute set to the tenant of the authenticated users, and the is_public attribute will cause access to those images for which it is false to be restricted to only the owner.

The exception is those images for which owner is set to null, which may only be done by those users having the Admin role. These images may still be accessed by the public, but will not appear in the list of public images. This allows the Glance Registry owner to publish images for beta testing without allowing those images to show up in lists, potentially confusing users.

It is possible to allow a private image to be shared with one or more alternate tenants. This is done through image memberships, which are available via the members resource of images. (For more details, see the next chapter.) Essentially, a membership is an association between an image and a tenant which has permission to access that image. These membership associations may also have a can_share attribute, which, if set to true, delegates the authority to share an image to the named tenant.