Separate deployment of Fuel Master Node from base OS provisioning

Split the Fuel Master Node installation process into base OS provisioning and Fuel Master Node deployment parts.

Problem description

Currently, the setup of Fuel Master Node is provided by monolithic combination of Anaconda kickstart with custom preinstall/postinstall scripts, and the mixed set of upstream and MOS packages. The entire process is tied to the installation media (ISO or USB stick). There is no possibility to install Fuel on a pre-provisioned system which contains base OS packages only.

By separating the Fuel Master Node deployment from provisioning we will:

  • support the modularization trend in Fuel
  • simplify the use of light-weight tests on Fuel CI

Proposed changes

Changes to Fuel Master Node installation

Fuel Master Node should be provisioned using the upstream OS packages only. To guarantee that, the Fuel Master Node kickstart should contain no repo entries other than the upstream OS ones. The %packages section should contain only the “@Core” packages group.

There could be cases when upstream OS packages used during provisioning could overlap with the MOS packages required for Fuel Master Node deployment. The deployment script should guarantee that overlapping MOS packages will be installed during deployment stage, replacing the respective upstream OS packages.

The following changes are proposed to the post-install scripts in the Fuel Master Node kickstart:

Web UI

No changes required.


No changes required.

Data model

No changes required.


No changes required.


No changes required.

RPC Protocol

No changes required.

Fuel Client

No changes required.


No changes required.

Fuel Library

No changes required.


Implementation of this feature has no altrenatives.

Upgrade impact

No changes required.

Security impact

No changes required.

Notifications impact

No changes required.

End user impact

Implementing this feature does not change the UX and deployment parts.

Performance impact

No changes required.

Deployment impact

Changes described in this document only affect Fuel Master Node installation.

Developer impact

No changes required.

Infrastructure impact

Implementing this feature could greatly affect the CI systems by minimizing the efforts needed to deploy Fuel Master Node on top of an existing base OS environment.

Documentation impact

Possibility to deploy the Fuel Admin node on a pre-provisioned system should be reflected in the Fuel User guide.



Primary assignee:
Vitaly Parakhin
Mandatory design review:
Oleg Gelbukh Roman Vyalov Vladimir Kozhukalov

Work Items

  • Modify kickstart to separate base OS provisioning from Fuel deployment
  • Prepare package for automatic configuration of the MOS repositories in yum
  • Package the Fuel installation script



Testing, QA

Integration Tests

As long as the feature introduces the ability to install Fuel separately from product ISO, there should be a test that implements that feature.

Acceptance criteria

  • Installation of Fuel Master Node is clearly separated between base OS provisioning (upstream OS packages) and Fuel Master Node deployment (MOS packages)
  • Fuel Master Node can be deployed on an pre-provisioned CentOS 7 server using either online repositories (Internet access is required), or MOS ISO (Internet access is optional)