Virtual IP reservation

This document is about additional virtual IP (VIP) reservation during deployment.

Problem description

Some plugins require additional VIP to proper configuration. For example Zabbix could be configured in way that it expect SNMP traffic on dedicated VIP.

In current version VIPs reservation is done based on information from release field in the database.

So the plugin developer should have a better way to create extra VIPs as puppet resource in pre-deployment or post-deployment plugin stage.

Proposed change

Give user a possibility to reserve additional VIPs during deployment process. This should be possible by providing additional plugin configuration.

Add support of new configuration file to the plugin. Configuration file should be named network_roles.yaml.

Plugin developers will provide new network roles configuration. Network roles description is placed in network_roles.yaml. Network role description includes information on VIPs reservation.

At the deployment stage Nailgun will reserve VIPs and they will be accessible in the Puppet manifests via Hiera.

Deployment flow: None

Migration script flow: None


Provide REST API to reserve VIPs. This allows 3rd party software to reserve additional VIPs.

  • Authentication from plugin is difficult
  • Requires installation of Fuel client or direct access to the REST API server
  • Allows VIP management outside of the plugin

Data model impact

Network roles data format:

  • Proposed network roles configuration file format:

    - id: "name_of_network_role"
      default_mapping: "public"
        subnet: true
        gateway: false
          - name: "my_vip_a"
            shared: false

Nailgun DB tables changes:


network_roles_metadata plugin network roles data taken from network_roles.yaml file.

REST API impact


Upgrade impact


Security impact


Notifications impact


Other end user impact


Other deployer impact

Performance Impact


Plugin impact

  • New network roles with VIPs reservation can be described in network_roles.yaml file which is loaded into Nailgun DB when plugin gets installed or on plugin sync API call.
  • network_roles.yaml file format is described in Data model impact.

Developer impact

Developer that works on Fuel plugins can use new network_roles.yaml to reserve VIPs for the plugin.



Primary assignee:
Mandatory design review:
QA engineers:

Work Items

  • Implement configuration file data loading to the database.
  • Implement VIP reservation from plugin network roles metadata.


  • Additional unit/integration tests for Nailgun.
  • Additional System tests for test environment with plugin installed and VIPs set using configuration file.
  • Regression testing is required.

Acceptance criteria:

  • Configuration data from network_roles.yaml is stored to the database.
  • VIPs defined in network_roles.yaml are accessible via Hiera.

Documentation Impact

We need to update documentation about VIPs in networks. Plugin documentation should be updated as well.