Snapshot download with authentication

Required authentication for downloading snapshots

Problem description

It is possible to guess (by brute force) diagnostic snapshot name and as a result get access to all logins and passwords.

Proposed change

Diagnostic snapshot URL is currently handled by nginx, nailgun is not involved here. So we need to reconfigure nginx so this URL will be also handled by nailgun.

  • On the nailgun side, we need to implement a new handler for diagnostic snapshots. This handler will check for authentication.
  • Handler shouldn’t actually serve snapshots but use XSendfile feature of nginx [1]. So after authentication check it should respond with empty response with proper X-Accel-Redirect header.
  • Nginx will do the rest and send the snapshot to the client.


We could encrypt snapshot using asymmetric cryptography

Data model impact


REST API impact

GET /dump/(snapshot_name)

Check for authentication. Returns empty response with X-Accel-Redirect header set to snapshot_name location on server.

Request Headers:
  • X-Auth-Token – authentication token from keystone
Status Codes:

Upgrade impact


Security impact

The feature is intended to improve End User’s security in matter of unauthorized access to sensitive data.

Notifications impact


Other end user impact

User should be already authenticated when executing command in fuelclient:

fuel snapshot

Performance Impact


Plugin impact


Other deployer impact


Developer impact

Change will have impact on fuel-qa scripts. In order to make it work, we need to change the way snapshots are downloaded [2].

Infrastructure impact




Primary assignee:

Work Items

  • Create new API Handler for snapshots serving
  • Add authentication before downloading snapshot in fuel-qa [2]




Integration tests are required for this change:

  • try to download snapshot without authentication - should fail with 401
  • try to download snapshot with authentication - should succeed with 200
  • try to download non-existing snapshot - should fail with 404

Acceptance criteria

The most important thing is to not let End User to download snapshot without authentication.

Documentation Impact

Snapshot download will not be possible in command-line HTTP clients (like curl) without providing proper authentication token (from keystone) in “X-Auth-Token” header. It might break down scripts which are doing it this way, so it should be mentioned in the documentation.