Default Fuel Master password

Decrease possibility to access the cloud using default credentials

Problem description

We use default credentials for Fuel Master which are admin/admin. The vulnerability can be exploited to get access to the cloud by the intruder.

Proposed change

  • We will leave default credentials (admin/admin) to save custom scripts compatibility which is relying on this. End User will be notified about the risk it brings and be advised to change the password.
  • User will be notified periodically until the default password changes:
    • Password will be checked on every login. If it equals to “admin”, warning box will be shown on WebUI.
  • User will be ask (not forced) to change default password in Fuel Menu
    • Fuel User screen will be the first screen user will see after Fuel Menu opened and also it’s position in left menu will be changed to 1.
    • There will be non-intrusive warning (above password input fields) suggesting to change the password.


  1. We could listen to keystone events to catch “authorization” event, but:
    • it requires to spawn another daemon which would listen to the events, and it’s too complex solution for such simple feature.
  2. We could force End User to change password at some stage of Fuel Master deployment.
    • it is very secure but we do not want to force user to do anything so we give a choice whether to change it or not.
  3. We could generate random password instead of “admin”, but:
    • How to provide the password to End User in secure way?
    • How to save compatibility with existing scripts?

Data model impact


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Upgrade impact


Security impact

The feature is intended to improve End User’s security in matter of unauthorized access to the cloud

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Primary assignee:

Work Items

  • add password checker to login view in WebUI
  • add new warning box
  • add waring in Fuel User screen (in Fuel Menu) and change it’s position in left menu to 1.




  • check if warning box is visible after logging in using password ‘admin’
  • add default password checking to ostf tests in Health Check

Acceptance criteria

  • warning box should be shown after logging in using ‘admin’ password

Documentation Impact