Provide programable API to work with Fuel node roles

Problem description

Current state of nailgun only allows to create roles by inserting them in nailgun/fixtures/openstack.yaml and create entities based on this description.

Such approach can not be considered as extensible and imposes difficulties when user wants to move certain services on to separate nodes (the closest example is ceph-mon which is always installed on controller).

Proposed change

Current spec proposes to allow user create/update/delete roles by nailgun rest-api and fuel client.


Allow creation of new roles only as a plugin entity. But such approach imposes bad UX experience for anyone who want to solve certain business problems right on environment.

Data model impact

Current data model will be reused, as it is sufficient for needs of this specification.

REST API impact

Object can be described by next schema, but not limited to this schema, it will also contain limitations, conflicts and range of other parameters.

description: Serialized Role object
required: [name, meta, volumes]
title: Role
type: object
  id: {type: integer}
    description: {description: Short description of role functionality,
                  type: string}
      name: {description: Name that will be shown on UI, type: string}
    required: [name, description]
    type: object
  name: {type: string}
      description: Volume allocations for role
          id: {type: string}
            enum: [all, min, full-disk]
      required: [allocate_size, id]
      type: object
    minItems: 1
    type: array

volumes_roles_mapping will be used for partitioning of this roles, the same way it is described in openstack.yaml

This object will be served on URIs

PUT/GET/DELETE /releases/(?P<release_id>\d+)/roles/(?P<role_name>\w+)/

POST/GET /releases/(?P<release_id>\d+)/roles/

It is common practice to create multiple endpoints for nested resources, but in case of role - root URI (/roles/) doesnt make much sense because role is isolated per release entity.

Upgrade impact

In case database will be migrated into new state - added roles should be migrated as well. Given that all data will be covered by schema - the only possible limitation is that we need to be smart with code in migration and assume that conditional expression can be changed.

Security impact

No impact

Notifications impact

No impact

Other end user impact

CLI commands will be added to work with API:

Get list of all roles:

fuel role --rel 1

name          | id | release_id
controller    | 1  | 1

Save full role information to file

fuel role --rel 1 --role controller --file some

Create role from file. Role data is stored in file.

fuel role --rel 1 --create --file some

Update role description. Role data is stored in file.

fuel role --rel 1 --update --file some

Delete role

fuel role --rel 1 --delete --role controller

Performance Impact

No impact

Plugin impact

Maybe in future described schema will be reused for role entity in plugin.

Other deployer impact

Will allow to easily create new role and attach any tasks to it for deployment.

Developer impact

No impact



Primary assignee:

Work Items

  1. Implement REST Api for roles
  2. Implement CLI commands
  3. Write documentation on added REST Api and CLI command


No dependencies


Unit tests coverage, and manual tests.

Optionally system test can be implemented that will deploy ceph-mon, or neutron l3 agent as separate role, but it depends on library state of things

Documentation Impact

Documentation will be improved to contain


No references