Fuel with existed ldap


Problem description

Currently the OpenStack environment deployed by Fuel only supports SQL for the Keystone identity backend. In some cases we already have our own LDAP (eg openLDAP, AD, etc.) authentication service and we prefer not to maintain two authentication services in the our environment. Therefore, it would be beneficial to support LDAP identity backend too. Given that the Keystone team considers SQL as the preferred assignment backend, the idea of LDAP assignment backend is against it and therefore we prefer using SQL as assignment backend with no switch option.

Proposed change

We could let Fuel to switch identity backend by adding setting options at cluster wizard page as a trigger which allowing deployers to choose their own identity backend with SQL, or pre-existing LDAP server which is read only. Since Openstack documentation discourages using LDAP with other connection mode beside read-only, I will keep it stick with read-only. We also need an aditional setting block inside cluster setting tab for fill up LDAP detail connection information include LDAP server administrator information, identity domain scope, connection info, etc. Inside the connection info, user can provide the user accounts from LDAP to Fuel after they decided which account inside LDAP should be administrator to which service in Openstack. An test connection button or link shloud be added inside cluster setting tab too, to validate the settings.


We can do nothing, but a deployer will not be able to use their pre-existed LDAP as a identity backend for Openstack.

Data model impact

We have to store following data in settings:

  • The LDAP connection URL and login information.
  • Customized LDAP configuration for user and group, include tree DNs, filter, object class, CRUD permissions.
  • Each service correspond administrative account and its password in LDAP server. User account and password parameters should be provided from user to fuel, because we must also consider of LDAP’s prospects. It’s not health to force LDAP adding some extra account just for openstack can be fit in. Although the list can get quite long, we still can help user with some lazy options(user maybe can choose one account and apply to all others) if that is more preferred.

REST API impact

No REST API modifications needed.

Upgrade impact

I see no objections about upgrades. LDAP connection are based on LDAP identity driver which is a part of official set of identity drivers. So any upgrades should be done in a common way.

Security impact

LDAP traffic exchanged in clear-text could be bad for some customers. It would be worth to add a section on LDAP over SSL.

Notifications impact

Some modifications of the Cluster Creation Wizard needed. Add setting options for switching identity backend purpose. Need an aditional setting block inside cluster setting tab for fill up LDAP detail connection information and a services administrator assigning forms for fill up administrator assignment form LDAP account to Openstack environment.

Other end user impact

Deployer will be able to switch to their own pre-existed LDAP with Cluster Creation Wizard in Fuel deployment. As an operation requirement, if pre-existed LDAP selected, Deployer must fill up more detail information in cluster setting tab.

Performance Impact


Other deployer impact


Developer impact

The Configuration pattern of Keystone with LDAP backend will be different from original sql backend. We change identity backend and assign administrator for each services and default project. This should be care for while developing relatived patterns. Developers would also be impacted by the code diverge between upstream manifests for puppet openstack modules and the forked copies we maintain in sync.



Primary assignee:
Other contributors:

Work Items

  • Modify Cluster Creation Wizard page. Add switching identity backend option and test it.
  • Modify Cluster setting tab. Add ldap connection information forms and test it.
  • Modify Cluster setting tab. Add services administrator assigning forms and test it.
  • Modify Keystone configuration pattern with LDAP backend information and test it.
  • Modify all services configuration pattern with assigning administrator account from LDAP and test it.
  • Change puppet manifests with user and group LDAP configuration in settings. Since LDAP is read only, puppet manifests should skip attempts creating default users or groups and using LDAP configuration as default setting. submitting all changes of required LDAP related bugs in corresponding upstream projects such as puppet-keystone, puppet-nova and so on.
  • Update core puppet manifests from upstream projects.
  • Create a pull request to Gerrit.
  • Describe a test environment and additional System tests and discuss it in ML.
  • Set up a test environment and provide System tests.
  • Set up additional Jenkins jobs for System tests.




  • Additional functional tests for UI.
  • Additional functional tests for puppet script.
  • Additional System tests against a stand alone test environment(with ldap).

wrapped up as a separate Jenkins thread job.

Documentation Impact

  • The documentation should describe how to set up LDAP for a simple test environment.
  • The documentation should warn about password expiration for service accounts(eg their passwords should nerver expire).
  • The documentation should warn user to make sure LDAP/AD read connection available from openstack keystone service and no futher authorize granted.