Use vSphere Datastore backend for Glance with vCenter

Fuel will be able to deploy OpenStack with vSphere Datastore support as glance backend.

Problem description

Fuel doesn’t support deployment with vSphere Datastore as glance backend, but OpenStack already supports this feature. [0] For users using vmware vCenter/ESX, it would be great and comfortably(for simplicity of administration) to store openstack data(images, disks, etc.) in vCenter/ESX storages.

Proposed change

Add this case in puppet manifetst and add “vsphere” option for Glance backend and disable Swift installation in HA mode. Add options to connect to this backend in UI:

  • In wizard in Storage Backends add vCenter/ESX button for Glance.
  • In Setting tab in Storage section add vCenter/ESX connetion options fields.
    • You can also use ESX host as Glance backend by setting “ha-datacenter” in the “Datacenter name” field.


If not, users can be use as a backend: local storage, Ceph, Swift. Even if users have a large vCenter/ESX datastores, we force them to allocate the extra space on their compute nodes for images and snapshots or manually configure Glance datastores for their vCenter/ESX environment.

Data model impact


REST API impact


Upgrade impact


Security impact


Notifications impact


Other end user impact

User must choose in wizard vCenter/ESX type backend for Glance. And to fill the connection settings in Setting tab in Storage section.

Performance Impact


Other deployer impact


Developer impact




Primary assignee:
srogov (Stepan Rogov)
Other contributors:

Work Items

  • Set up the dev environment with one vCenter.
  • Writing puppet modules.
  • Writing UI enhancements.
  • Testing.


Perform manual acceptance testing according to acceptance criteria below: Acceptance criteria:

#. To verify that user can create environment with CentOS or Ubuntu in simple or HA mode with different roles and to use as image storage - Glance with VMDK backend. For this in Fuel UI must be in Storages section 2 new options:

  • vmware vcenter/esxi datastore for images(Glance)
  • esxi datastore for images (Glance)

#. User should have ability to upload OS image on VM in vmdk format or in iso format.

#. User can ensure that generated snapshot from VM with different size can be successfully copied into glance that in our case placed inside vCenter’s Datastore.

  1. OSTF tests according this feature must be passed.

Documentation Impact

The documentation should describe how to set up vCenter data stores for the Image Service backend.