Reliable Pacemaker Galera Resource Agent Script [1]

This document is intended to capture the problems and requirements for Pacemaker OCF “Resource Agent” (hereafter RA) to improve Galera Cluster management under Pacemaker Resource Manager

Problem description

  • Reboot Whole cluster (Power outages scenario)
    • RA script doesn’t determine the latest Galera GTID version. It always relies on “primary controller” as a donor. Under some circumstances Pacemaker cannot assemble Galera cluster.
  • Reboot any node from cluster
  • Add a new node to active cluster
  • Advanced features
    • Currently puppet manifests use cs_shadow as a method for cluster management. It’s not possible to use crm_attribute to store attributes in configuration as cs_shadow will revert values back

Proposed change

  • Write a new RA script for Galera with the following requirements
    • RA script allows to bootstrap cluster even when wsrep_cluster_address has all nodes specified.
    • RA script introduces timeout where pacemaker waits for 60-120 seconds until all nodes specified in CIB became online after reboot or outage.
    • After 60-120 seconds RA script must start the process of Primary Component election which is the node with the latest GTID. This timeout is specified as node attribute and can be changed by administrator. If all nodes specified in CIB are UP the election process will be started immediately.
    • RA script dertemines Galera GTID state and set it as node attribute. RA gets GTID from mysqld –wsrep-recover or SQL query SHOW STATUS LIKE ‚wsrep_local_state_uuid
    • The node with the latest GTID will become Galera Primary Controller. It will be started with empty gcomm:// string. All other nodes will join to Galera Primary controller to synchronize their state.
    • If the node bootstrapped after timeout it will discard its configuration. This usually happenes when it’s stuck performing fsck.
    • When new a node is added to cluster it will join cluster normally.
  • Remove cs_shadow
    • Remove cs_shadow from manifests to allow to store node attributes



Data model impact


REST API impact


Upgrade impact

This change doesn’t affect master node upgrade. Openstack upgrade should be disabled as this change impacts on HA logic.

Security impact


Notifications impact


Other end user impact


Performance Impact


Other deployer impact


Developer impact




Primary assignee:
Sergii Golovatiuk (

Work Items

  • Write Galera OCF script
  • Perform all set of destructive tests



All set of destructive tests: Reboot single node, reboot whole cluster, add a new node from Fuel UI

Documentation Impact

The documentation should indicate how to increase/decrease Bootstrap timeout.