Scheduler Simulator

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Problem Description

Problem Definition

Cloud Operators are often confronted with the need to perform what if scenarios on proposed compute and block storage schedulers tweaks. As such they often want to have access to a scheduler simulator, to make a series of “virtual” requests given a specific scheduler configuration to see if the resulting virtual machine load matches their expected or desired outcome.


This user story is valuable to cloud operators because it allows them to tune the scheduler without having to run the configurations in real world environments.

Requirements Specification

Use Cases

This section utilizes the OpenStack UX Personas.

  • As Rey the Cloud Operator, I want to be able to simulate my cloud’s scheduler with a variety of virtual machine request loads under a given scheduler configuration in order to determine the optimal configuration for my desired outcome
  • As Rey, I want to be able to visualize the simulated scheduling of virtual machines onto hosts in my environment so that I can quickly realize whether a given configuration will result in my desired outcome

Usage Scenarios Examples

  1. Operator Runs Simulator
    1. Operator defines scheduler configuration
    2. Operator defines request load
    3. Simulator places load on “virtual” cloud given configuration
    4. Simulator provides results of that placement
    5. Simulator provides visual output of placement
    6. Operator determines if result is optimal and if not adjusts configuration



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