Provide Config for External FW Appliance

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Problem Description

Problem Definition

As a deployer of an OpenStack cloud I have to provide a specific network configuration file to my network security team in order to enable appropriate traffic to my cloud. At the moment I have to cobble together this configuration from my deployment configuration. It would be much easier to programmatically generate the bulk of this information as part of the deployment process or from an available OpenStack service on demand.



Requirements Specification

Use Cases

This section utilizes the OpenStack UX Personas.

  • As Rey the Cloud Operator, I want to be able to access a configuration description that I can provide to my network security team to properly configure any external firewalls so that my users can quickly begin accessing the cloud.
  • As the network security team for Rey, I want to be able to easily consume the firewall configuration provided in a standard format, so that I have minimal effort required to appropriately configure the firewall

Usage Scenarios Examples

  1. Initial Cloud Deployment
    1. Deploy cloud using deployment configuration
    2. Access templated firewall configuration from OpenStack service
    3. Provide configuration to internal network security team
    4. Network security team easily interprets configuration and configures FW



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