Add Use Cases to Code Snippets in Docs

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Problem Description

Problem Definition

Operators have noted that it is easier to learn the commands associated with the different OpenStack projects if examples, or usage snippets, were provided for specific usage patterns. Some of the specific feedback we heard from operators was:

  • “You could add examples to the output of the CLI help commands, but I don’t think there was ‘anything that was unclear’ enough, and that might actually contribute to too much help clutter.”
  • “Adding more examples in the documentation.”
  • “It is a good client, adding examples to the help would be very helpful.”

The use case-based snippets provide two benefits to both operators and application developers. First, the snippets help users understand how code is structured for the various OpenStack projects. In addition, users are able to re-use the snippets for their own needs. This is why the snippets should be based on common use cases.


Use case-based snippets can significantly reduce the learning curve associated with learning both the commands and structure associated for the various projects. For example, operators mentioned during the OpenStackClient usability studies in both Austin and Barcelona that it took time to learn the command structure. However, they were able to efficiently use the client once they became familiar with the structure.

Requirements Specification

Use Cases

These user stories utilize the standard OpenStack UX Personas.

  • As Rey the Cloud Operator, I would like to quickly learn commands and structure associated with each project. In addition, I would like to have snippets for common use cases that I can modify for my own purposes.

Usage Scenario Examples

  1. Rey has decided to explore the OpenStackClient (OSC) as an alternative to using the individual APIs
  2. Rey opens the OpenStack documentation page
  3. Rey opens the new Use Case chapter (page) and sees several snippets of code based on common use cases
  4. Rey now understands how the commands and structure are used to complete common tasks

Note: The best analogy seems to be to learning to read. A dictionary and an overview of language structure is useful. However, actually seeing both words and structure used in a sentence ties everything together in a meaningful way.



Rejected User Stories / Usage Scenarios