Datalog aggregates

Add aggregates sum, count, min, max, avg to the policy language.

Problem description

Many policies require counting the number of VMs with a certain property, computing the average, min, max, or sum of certain values. Without aggregates, these policies cannot be expressed in Datalog.

Proposed change

This change adds aggregates to the Datalog policy language.


The alternative is to leave aggregates out of the language. The drawback is that some common policies would be inexpressible, but the benefit is that the algorithms for reasoning about policy would be simpler. By prohibiting aggregates, we exclude the possibility that the user wants to use aggregates at the cost of their inclusion.


Example: define a table that counts the number of VMs in the web tier of each application.

app_web_size(id, count(vm)) :-

appservice:app(id), appservice:webtier(id, vm)

Another option for syntax puts the aggregates into the body of the rule. This option will likely require new syntactic restrictions on rules to function properly.

app_web_size(id, cnt) :-

appservice:app(id), appservice:webtier(id, vm), count(vm, cnt)

Suggestions for other syntaxes?

Policy actions


Data sources


Data model impact

The syntax for rules will be extended, but the database schema for storing rules will not, since they are stored as strings.

REST API impact


Security impact


Notifications impact


Other end user impact


Performance impact

There will be some performance impact in using aggregates since they cost more to compute. These aggregates will also make reasoning about the policy itself (i.e. when data is unknown) more difficult.

Other deployer impact


Developer impact




Primary assignee:

<launchpad-id or None>

Other contributors:

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Work items

  1. Choose aggregates to implement, e.g. count, min, max, sum, avg

  2. Modify congress/datalog/congress.g to accept the new statements (possibly)

  3. Modify congress/datalog/compiler.g to include new datastructures for representing aggregates internally

  4. Modify congress/datalog/ to handle aggregates. This will require adding in a step after computing all solutions that applies the aggregate function.




  • Unit tests will be added to congress/tests/datalog/

  • A unit test or two ensuring the API properly accepts the new syntax will be added to congress/tests/

Documentation impact

Need to add explanation of new syntax constructs to docs.


1. Overview of a Datalog language with aggregates:

2. Recent Stanford paper on aggregates