Add a v2 API endpoint to retrieve the state of different scopes!/story/2005395


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Problem Description

For now, there is no way for admins to know until which date a scope’s data has been processed, except by looking at the cloudkitty_storage_states SQL table. This is, however, critical information to have before an invoice/report is generated, as you have to make sure that the whole period you’re billing for has been processed.

Proposed Change

This information should be made available through the API. This describes a V2 API endpoint. It will only be available to admins.



Data model impact


REST API impact

This will add an endpoint on /v2/scope with support for the GET HTTP method.

A GET request on this endpoint returns a paginated list of all scopes, with support for optional filters on the scope, the fetcher, the collector and/or the scope_key.

The method will support the following parameters:

  • offset: (optional, defaults to 0) The offset of the first scope that should be returned.

  • limit: (optional, defaults to 100) The maximal number or results to return.

  • scope_id: (optional) Can be specified several times. One or several scope_ids to filter on.

  • collector: (optional) Can be specified several times. One or several collectors to filter on.

  • fetcher: (optional) Can be specified several times. One or several fetchers to filter on.

  • scope_key: (optional) Can be specified several times. One or several scope_keys to filter on.

The response will have the following format:

    "results": [
            "collector": "gnocchi",
            "fetcher": "keystone",
            "scope_id": "7a7e5183264644a7a79530eb56e59941",
            "scope_key": "project_id",
            "state": "2019-05-09 10:00:00"
            "collector": "gnocchi",
            "fetcher": "keystone",
            "scope_id": "9084fadcbd46481788e0ad7405dcbf12",
            "scope_key": "project_id",
            "state": "2019-05-08 03:00:00"
            "collector": "gnocchi",
            "fetcher": "keystone",
            "scope_id": "1f41d183fca5490ebda5c63fbaca026a",
            "scope_key": "project_id",
            "state": "2019-05-06 22:00:00"

The expected HTTP success response code for a GET request on this endpoint is 200 OK.

Expected HTTP error response codes for a GET request on this endpoint are:

  • 400 Bad Request: Malformed request.

  • 403 Forbidden: The user hasn’t the necessary rights to retrieve the state of the scopes.

  • 404 Not Found: No scope was found for the provided filters.

This endpoint will only be authorized for admins.

Security impact

Any user with access to this endpoint will be able to retrieve information about the state of all scopes rated by cloudkitty. Thus, access to this endpoint should be granted to non-admin users with parsimony.

Notifications Impact


Other end user impact

The client will also be updated in order to include a function and a CLI command allowing to retrieve information about the state of the different scopes.

Performance Impact


Other deployer impact

Scope state information will be easier to retrieve for admins and deployers.

Developer impact




Primary assignee:


Work Items

  • Implement the API endpoint with unit tests

  • Add tempest tests

  • Support this endpoint in the client.




Tempest tests for this endpoint will be added.

Documentation Impact

The endpoint will be added to the API reference.


Spec to get/reset the state of a scope: