Reset State Robustification

Problem description

I have seen a number of users get volumes into “invalid” states by not understanding how resetting the state of a volume interacts with resetting the state of attachments.

For example, on a volume with an attachment, run “cinder reset-state –state available <vol>”

What now?

Use Cases

Help prevent users who aren’t Cinder experts from shooting themselves in the foot with reset-state.

Proposed change

If a user requests to reset the state of a volume to something that Cinder knows is not a valid state of the universe, reject the request with a reason.

If volume1 has an attachment active. $ cinder reset-state –state available volume1 ERROR: Cannot reset-state to available because attachments still exist.

$ cinder reset-state –state available volume1 –attach-status detached (command succeeds)

Cases to block:
  1. volume reset to available w/ attachments

  2. snapshot reset to in-use with volume in available

Sometimes a knowledgeable operator may need to reset the state anyway and then manually make the current state valid. cinder-manage is the place where forcing a change will be allowed instead of ‘–force’ flag in the API.


  • Hope users don’t do these things.

  • Handle the “reset to available while attached case” by forcefully detaching the volumes instead of rejecting the request.

Data model impact


REST API impact

os-reset-status actions on volumes, snaps, backups, groups, will now return a 400 in some cases where they would previously succeeded. This does not require a microversion bump.

Security impact


Active/Active HA impact

These checks in reset-state could concievably race against updates in a cluster. Will determine what that means when we get further into implementation.

Notifications impact


Other end user impact


Performance Impact


Other deployer impact

Improves safety for deployers trying to clean up from issues in their cloud.

Developer impact




Primary assignee:


Other contributors:


Work Items

  • Implement a check for the reset-state to available while attached case

  • Add code to cinder-manage to handle the case where an operator needs to override the API and reset the state anyway.

  • Research other sensible cases we could prevent for volumes, snaps, groups, etc.

  • Tempest test for a couple of the big cases




  • New tempest tests

Documentation Impact

  • Should document common cases where this fails.